Is obesity in our genes? Study strengthens genetic link to body size

There is everything and it is not possible to get fat. Scientists have found the gene for thinness

There are happy people in the world who can not deny themselves anything in terms of food. There are few of them - only 1% of the population. These people have certain mutations in the leanness gene. This conclusion was reached by an international team of scientists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of British Columbia.

What is the gene for thinness?

Research that can help people fight obesity, scientists are already conducting long. One of the latest published in the journal Cell .

An international team of luminaries of science examined the genetic database of the Estonian biobank of more than 47 thousand samples. All of these samples were taken from metabolically healthy, lean people between the ages of 20 and 44. These samples were compared with data from clinical studies of healthy people of normal weight.
As a result, scientists have identified a variant of the ALK gene, which they also called the thinness gene. Its mutation in the body of thin people allows them to calmly eat whatever their heart desires, and generally not to care about their own weight. They certainly won't be able to get fat, and they don't need to diet, go to the gym and count calories for this.

There are only 1% of such people in the world.

In fact, the gene ALK has been around for a long time, but one of its mutations is found only in thin people and is not found at normal weight.

There is everything and it is not possible to get fat. Scientists have found the gene for thinness

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Skinny mice: how was the research carried out?

To confirm their theory, scientists conducted studies on laboratory mice. Rodents with a deficiency of the ALK gene faster break down fat and burned more calories.

The mice were fed plentiful fatty foods, like their relatives, on which no gene experiments were performed. Regular mice quickly gained weight, and the genetic rodents remained at the same weight as before the experiment.

According to the researchers, the gene is expressed in the brain, it regulates the amount of fat in the body. But human experiments have not been done. That is why it is impossible to unequivocally state that the ALK gene is the cause of thinness, but its variants are definitely associated with low weight.

There is everything and it is not possible to get fat. Scientists have found the gene for thinness


The miracle cure is a healthy lifestyle

Is it possible to disable or partially block a gene in humans to regulate obesity? In theory, yes. In practice, as already mentioned, such experiments have not been carried out.
Perhaps this particular study will become a real breakthrough in the field of genetic control of overweight. But is it worth waiting for scientists to invent a miracle cure?

It's better to just take care of yourself and play sports. Miracles do not happen.

Thin people are that way due to their genes, new study suggests | ITV News

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