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There is an exit. Where to train online for free

The Internet can replace a lot, even exercising in the gym. This is especially true now. In today's reality, online training is the only effective way to keep your body in good shape. This is why many fitness centers and sports studios have gone digital. We've put together a few free resources for you to keep fit during quarantine. By the way, in them you can find activities for every taste and for different levels of training.

World Class

Since March 23, the network of World Class fitness clubs has launched regular workouts live on Instagram ... The coaches and employees of the center know firsthand that sport is extremely important not only for immunity, but also for a good mood. Users are offered different types of activities: from yoga and stretching to regular functional training. The schedule can be viewed in the club's stories on the social network or on the official website.

To make sure you don't miss anything, please set yourself a reminder. And if you nevertheless forgot or could not be present during the live broadcast on Instagram, then all videos are saved in IGTV.

SM Stretching

Fitness studio SM Stretching offers different formats of classes. You can choose personalized online workouts through the Zoom and Skype platforms. These are complete courses with a trainer, which are delivered from anywhere in the world. The price of such a training is 2 thousand rubles. The studio teaches five directions: stretching, TRX, barre, Pilates and boxing.

The second option is training live on Instagram. They are held once a week, so the rest of the days you can study using videos that are published on the YouTube channel SM Stretching Russia.

There is an exit. Where to train online for free

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There is an exit. Where to train online for free

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The company has launched free home workouts in the adidas Training app. It has video exercises divided into different difficulty levels that you can choose yourself. Also in the program, you can form a personal workout, prioritize any muscle group and replace or remove the exercise.

In their instagram, adidas representatives said that in these times, maintaining health and good physical shape has become even more important.

The company has also created an online project #hometeam, in which brand ambassadors will lead workouts live on social network. As mentors, you will see the football player Alexei Miranchuk, gymnast Samira Mustafayeva, figure skater Alexandra Trusova and other sports stars.


The Nike Training Club app contains more than a hundred different workouts - you won't be bored ... All online guides are free, you just have to choose a direction. In addition, the application can create a training program for you based on your individual physical parameters and goals. And for after-workout snackers, Nike Training Club offers recipes from famous athletes and simple tips for proper nutrition.

Also in March, an updated online training program will start with coaches from Nike Training Club and Nike Running Club and Russian athletes Denis Cheryshev, Fedor Smolov, Anna Shcherbakova and other brand ambassadors. Everyone has the opportunity to become part of the sports community. To do this, you just need to follow the schedule on the official website, mark interesting events in your calendar and follow the link to the athlete's IGTV on the day of training.

There is an exit. Where to train online for free

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There is an exit. Where to train online for free

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For those who are not confused by the English language, we recommend one of the most famous fitness channels on YouTube is BeFit. There you will find a variety of cardio workouts, yoga courses, dance classes and other activities. Also on the channel you can study recommendations on proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Oysho Sport

Oysho Sport is hosting live broadcasts dedicated to training and healthy eating. All exercises that you did not have time to watch in real time are saved in IGTV. And the schedule of classes can be found on the company's instagram. In addition to functional training and yoga, street dance broadcasts await users.

Unagrande YogaClub

This YouTube channel is totally yoga oriented. It features videos for both beginner practitioners and more advanced ones. Also, Unagrande YogaClub has videos with analysis of individual asanas and tipsand for their correct implementation. Yoga classes can improve your posture and tighten your body, so feel free to start practicing.


The channel has both English and Russian versions. Passion4Profession videos have won the love of fitness enthusiasts for their clear exercise technique. The channel publishes small but effective workouts for different muscle groups.

There is an exit. Where to train online for free

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