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There is a record: a flash mob for the most massive ball minting

On the eve of the New Year holidays, a football flash mob was held at the Sapsan Arena stadium - the most massive winter ball chasing. 215 people entered the field to kick the ball. In order for the participants to get into the Guinness Book of Records, more than 210 people had to be on the site.

The previous record for the most massive ball minting was set in Volgograd, then the action was supported 210 people.

The organizer of the Moscow flash mob was the Casio watch company. And the star of the event was the ambassador of the G-Shock G-Steel watch line, sports journalist, ambassador of the 2018 World Cup and ex-footballer Yevgeny Savin .

- Eugene, tell us how you became a part of this flash mob? What is his goal?
- I became a part of this event and I am very proud and glad that they chose me. Our mission is to set a record for the most massive winter coinage and get into the Guinness Book of Records. Today, about 250 people will gather at the Sapsan Arena for this event.

- Similar events are created to popularize football. What else needs to be done to inspire the guys to sign up for the section?
- I think there is a lot to do. I am sure that the fact that on a winter day, on weekdays, before the New Year, 250 people came, suggests that we love football in Russia. It is clear that a lot of things need to be done, you can start, for example, by showing the children that you can play football in frost, heat, and rain, in any weather conditions, showing your steel character.

- Is it difficult to mint for a long time? And is it obligatory for a football player?
- Of course, chasing is not football. However, every footballer, especially if the player is technical, must own coinage and other feints. Today we will need to mint 10 seconds, we will have three attempts. I hope we will beat Volgograd. There, if I'm not mistaken, 210 people came out in September 2015.

- Today there are a lot of guys who came from freestyle schools. How do you feel about freestyle movement?
- Positively. When I look at what these guys are doing with the ball, I freeze for a moment, the world stops, what they are doing is very cool. Again, the most important thing is that people have fun, play football, and no matter in what capacity, in what direction. Whether it's freestyle, futsal, beach soccer, street soccer, it's all great. By and large, we are all one big family.

Look for more photos on social networks using the hashtag of the event - # steel character.

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