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There are no excuses. Zion Clark's strong story - a legless wrestler

Caudal regression syndrome is a dangerous genetic disease in which the spinal cord and all the underlying limbs and organs stop developing at the level of the sacrum. Scientists cannot figure out why this happens, but children are still born with a terrible disease. The American Zion Clark became such a child. The young man grew up without legs, not even imagining how much his life will change in the future, when he realizes and believes in the phrase No excuses.

Who is Zion Clark?

Now Zion is 21 year. In addition to the fact that every day the American fights with trials of fate, he is engaged in wrestling and performs in the weight category up to 57 kilograms. Moreover, Clarke himself weighs about 45 kilograms. The young man deliberately does not join the disabled category and bravely confronts healthy athletes.

Of course, Zion is much easier than his rivals. In addition, he has no legs, which means that the wrestler must be inferior to others in speed and maneuverability. But this is not so.

It would seem, what kind of struggle can we talk about? Zion is a phenomenal exception to the rule. Moreover, wrestling is almost the only sports discipline in the world in which Clark can show maximum physical capabilities.

There are no excuses. Zion Clark's strong story - a legless wrestler

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There are no excuses. Zion Clark's strong story - a legless wrestler

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How did the wrestler come to the fight with no legs?

It should be said right away that wrestling is one of the most difficult and energy-consuming sports. There is no place for weakness and pain. Athletes give all their strength to win on the tatami. Zion got into such a section almost by accident.

The school wrestling coach turned out to be the brother of one of Clark's teachers, who was well versed in this sport. It was they who discovered talent in the young man, advising him to come to training. Learning the techniques was given to Zion much more difficult than to other athletes. Therefore, he identified several movements for himself that could be more effective in his case, and actively worked on them. The guy paid special attention to classes in the gym. He focused on the development of the muscles of the shoulders and arms.

Zion goes through his entire life with with words. No excuses. It was this phrase that the American stuffed on his back.

The motivational line appeared during one of the fights at a school competition. In that fight, Clark missed a strong blow, was a little confused and began to doubt whether he could continue the fight at all. At that moment, the coach shouted: Hey, Zion, you didn't come so far for that. Fight on! There is no excuse!

There are no excuses. Zion Clark's strong story - a legless wrestler

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There are no excuses. Zion Clark's strong story - a legless wrestler

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How did Zion Clark become popular?

Success in sports and incredible willpower made Zion famous. Many media outlets immediately drew attention to him. They began to broadcast stories about the young man on national television and shoot short films. Netflix producers even bought the rights to show the documentary in which Clarke starred.

Despite his popularity, Zion did not grab his star fever, but continued to work hard on himself.

What Is Clark now engaged?

After graduating from high school, the young man entered college in New Philadelphia, where he began to study business management. Of course, he doesn't forget about sports. Thanks to his achievements, Clark made his way to the university wrestling team. He believes that he can soon become the champion of the country in his weight category.

However, the American's hobbies do not end with wrestling. Zion threw himself a new challenge and decided to test his strength in wheelchair racing. He became the fastest athlete in the state, winning titles in the 100 and 400 meters and finishing third in the 800 meters. He managed to accelerate the wheelchair to 32 km / h.

And that's not all. Zion is very talented. The guy plays the drums well and performs in his hometown at Sunday meetings at the Baptist church.

The story of Zion Clark is an example of a great desire to achieve goals and work on oneself. Despite the difficult fate, the young man did not give up and boldly moved towards his dream. He did not compare himself with the others and did not make any concessions, because only in this way victories are obtained.

There are no excuses. Zion Clark's strong story - a legless wrestler

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