Daredevils Who Lost Their Lives During Insane Stunts

Themselves in shock: 5 most reckless sports challenges

Tired of daily exercise in the fitness room? Does your morning run seem too measured and calm? Perhaps you just do not have enough adrenaline to fall in love with sports with new terrible strength.

In our selection we have collected 10 most crazy sports events , most of which can become a participant almost anyone. The crazy antics of the athletes who decided to do it, you certainly will not call boring and monotonous!

Jogging for a tough guy (The Tough Guy)

Distance: 12 km

The popularity of the crazy Tough Guy Challenge is growing every year. It is held annually in the English town of Perton. For 20 years, thousands of people have come here to go through incredible tests: fire, swamp, barbed wire, water obstacles - every mile gives a chance to test yourself and your capabilities. Throughout the history of the competition, several people died, and hundreds received various injuries.

The main goal is to overcome the so-called death fields, each of which is a test in itself.

Join the Teaching: The price is only £ 39.

The Barkley Marathon

Distance: 60 km

The 60 kilometer marathon is held annually in Frosen State Park, near Worthburg, Tennessee. This distance is considered to be one of the most difficult ultra-marathons in the world. Judge for yourself, since 1986 only 14 people out of 1100 participants managed to reach the finish line.

What is the main difficulty? The total increase in altitude at a distance of more than 18 kilometers, and this is equivalent to a two-time ascent to Everest. At the same time, the marathon itself has the form of a quest: not only do the runners have to navigate the terrain, do not leave the built route, while they must find the books located along the course, tear out the page corresponding to their number in the marathon, as proof of passing this check- point. If the page is lost in the process, the runner will be disqualified.

Participate: Only 35 people participate in the race per year, and vacancies are filled on the day of registration. Interestingly, potential runners must not only pass a rigorous selection process and meet a number of criteria, but also write an essay on the topic Why I should be given the opportunity to do this distance.

Extreme Triathlon (Norseman)

Distance: 220 km.

Norseman is an extreme triathlon competition that takes place once a year. Just once a year, an athlete can compete for the right to hear You Are A Norseman at the finish line. The distance itself begins at sea level, where athletes start from the four-meter board of the ferry into the icy waters of the Hardangerfjord. Then they cross the uninhabited Hardangervidda plateau by bike and finish in the rocky mountains, on the top of the highest mountain in southern Norway - Gaustatoppen - at an altitude of 1850 meters abovesea ​​level and at a distance of 220 kilometers from the starting point.

Take part: in 2016 the organizers introduced a new rule according to which everyone who wants to try their hand at Norseman participates in the lottery. If he does not get a chance to participate, next year he will have two chances, and in another year - three, and so on. The competitor never receives a 100% guarantee of participation, but every year the probability of getting permission to race will increase.

Marathon Des Sables

Distance: 250 km.

Marathon des Sables was invented by French concert promoter Patrick Bauer. In 1984, he crossed the Sahara alone, covering 350 km in 12 days. The 28-year-old Bauer carried water and food in a 35-kilogram backpack.

The Italian Mauro Prosperi knows how difficult this race is. In 1994, he got lost due to a sandstorm and was found in Algeria 11 days later. He ran out of water and food in a day. Mauro deviated from the route by 291 km and lost 16 kg. At some point, he decided to stop suffering and cut open his veins, but due to dehydration, the blood quickly clotted and the suicide attempt failed.

Interesting fact: if the doctor believes that there is a threat to life and health, he can put an IV. That's a two hour fine. If the doctor wants to put on a drip for the second time - disqualification.

Participate: By the way, it is not possible to officially register for Marathon Des Sables through the organizers. You are immediately sent to a representative in your country who helps you to participate. Applications are closed on January 14 this year. The whole trip takes 10 days, the first couple of days are organizational, then the race itself begins in five stages. The track changes every year and is never repeated. Issue price 2950 euros.

Ultraman: three days at a distance (The Ultraman)

Distance: 515 km.

Ultraman - This incredible three-day challenge cannot be compared to any other running competition. The Ultraman race itself is divided into three main stages, ranging from 515 kilometers to 520 kilometers (at different starts).

  • Day 1: 10 km open water swim and 145 km cycle stage with 1800 meters climb;
  • Day 2: 276 km of the cycle stage with a climb of 1200 meters;
  • Day 3: 84 km running stage, which is equivalent to two marathons in a row.

In the next collection we will tell you about the bike race on Everest, mountain bike competition in the desert and how to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat.


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