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Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

We recently talked about the Forbes project called Fab 40. American journalists analyzed the value of the most expensive sports brands, from gaming clubs to the athletes themselves. The championship has already published a list of ten major companies at the end of 2019.

Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

Million companies ... or more? 10 most expensive sports brands

If Nike and adidas have not left this rating for a long time, then some concerns have appeared in it for the first time.

Now the next in line are sports stars. Indeed, the names of these people have long begun to bring a lot of money on their own. How Roger Federer came to the top of the rating and why Cristiano Ronaldo is still worth more than Lionel Messi - in our selection.

Roger Federer

Sports: tennis.
Cost: $ 62 million

The Swiss tennis player seems to have burst into every possible top of the past decade. GQ recognized him as the most stylish person of the decade, and other publications have repeatedly stated that Federer earns the most income from sponsorships than anyone else. Let's not deny the huge probability that this is true. That is why his name is at the top of the list of the most valuable brands in the Athletes category.

Roger's income off court is $ 86 million - which, according to Forbes, is 60% more than other athletes. He works with Uniqlo, Rolex, Credit Suisse, Mercedes-Benz and other major companies.

Tiger Woods

Sports: golf.
Cost: $ 33 million

As the star of professional golf, Woods became the world's first billionaire athlete. But, admittedly, 90% of the amount Tiger earned not on the field, but thanks to advertising. For the entire period of activity, which began in 1996, he received $ 1.4 billion from sponsors.

In 2019, the golfer returned to the top level, winning the US Masters at the age of 43. It was Woods' first Major win in eight years. During this time, many partners - Gillette, Gatorade, Tag Heuer - turned their backs on the athlete due to serious injuries and scandals around his name. Let's see if he can continue to show his former technicality and gain the trust of brands.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Sports: football.
Cost: $ 29 million

In 2019, Messi won Gold again ball, but Ronaldo overtook his colleague in the value of the name. Probably, Cristiano was helped in this by a lucrative life-long contract with Nike, for which the football player receives $ 24 million annually. In addition, the memory of the fans is still fresh in the memory of his transfer to Juventus, which ended a nine-year stay in Real Madrid.

By the way, when the Italian club launched pto sell Ronaldo's branded T-shirts with their logo, 520 thousand copies were sold in just a day. Revenue in 24 hours was over $ 60 million.

Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

According to GQ, he surpassed David Beckham, LeBron James and even Kanye West.

Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

Ronaldo and Messi confrontation. Now, not only on the field, but also in stores

Messi has acquired his own brand. Unlike Krish, there are no pants with his name on an elastic band in the assortment.

LeBron James

Sports: basketball.
Cost: $ 28 million

For LeBron, 2018 was richer in discoveries than 2019. Then he moved to the Los Angeles Lakers and began collaborating with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, model Cindy Crawford and Olympic alpine skiing champion Lindsey Vonn. Together they launched their own brand - the manufacturer of dietary supplements Ladder.

At the end of last year, James' total salary was $ 270 million - the best figure among the current NBA players. And if you take the whole history of the league, then LeBron's income is second only to Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal.

Lionel Messi

Sports: Football.
Cost: $ 20 million

And here he is not so far from Ronaldo. If you do not evaluate professional achievements, then for quite obvious reasons. First, Messi also signed a life-long contract with the equally large adidas company. However, his annual payments are $ 12 million - exactly half of that of Cristiano. Secondly, the Barcelona captain launched his own clothing brand only last year, but his colleague did it seven years ago and has certainly managed to win the trust of buyers.

We believe that this is clearly not the end of the struggle between two football gurus. We'll keep an eye on their breakouts both on and off the pitch.

Stephen Curry

Sports: basketball.
Cost: $ 17 million

Point guard of the Golden State Warriors three years ago founded his own company SC30 to manage brand contracts, investments and charities. In addition, Curry is one of the main ambassadors of Under Armor, an outfitter who also entered the top 10 in his category.

Interestingly, the NBA player owns the production company Unanimous Media, which cooperates with the large corporation Sony. In 2019, the movie Breakthrough was released - the first brainchild of Curry in the film industry. He worked hard on the advertising campaign and even played a significant role in it himself. The painting raised $ 50 million, and it was spent on itwas 3.5 times less.


Sports: Football.
Cost: $ 15 million

The Brazilian striker and 2016 Olympic champion is extremely popular on social media. The number of his followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in total exceeds 200 million.

Neymar's family business is much more interesting. Parents decided to monetize the guy's career when he was only 14 years old. Now his finances are managed by NR Sports - Neymar Sport Marketing, in which everything is decided by the player's father, and the mother is a business partner and protege of her son.

Neymar is the record holder for the number of partners in football. During his career, he has worked with at least 46 brands, including outfitters Nike, fast food chain McDonald's, and Qatar National bank.

Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

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Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

Children of famous athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

And, let's say more, these guys have already achieved a lot.

Phil Mickelson

Sports: golf.
Cost: $ 15 million

Another golfer from our selection for the entire professional activity earned $ 700 million in sponsorship contracts.

In 2018, both Tiger and Phil raised the public eye by announcing a match in Las Vegas. According to many golf fans, the personal confrontation between the two main rivals from the 2000s did not look so epic, because you cannot return to its former form. But for winning the fight after a penalty shootout, Mickelson received $ 9 million and a symbolic champion belt.

Virat Koli

Sports: Cricket.
Cost: $ 14 million

Who's definitely not what you expect to see in the rankings is probably a cricketer. But Virat is a completely different case. He has been called a phenomenon and even a god in his sport more than once. Last year, the athlete won the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy, the Best Player in Test Matches of the Year and ODI.

And in 2017, Kolya was among the top 100 highest paid athletes in the world, finishing 89th place. Its sponsors include such big companies as Pepsi, Audi, Tissot and Puma.

Conor McGregor

Sports: mixed martial arts.
Cost: $ 12 million

A year ago, the fighter was not on this list, but in 2019 he managed to get to the last position. However, this was expected,after all, their confrontation with Khabib Nurmagomedov, which took place in October 2018, and everything that happened before and after the fight, made a splash. And even before returning to UFC 229, McGregor renewed his sponsorship deal with Reebok, which brings him $ 5 million a year.

Conor is now actively promoting his own brand of whiskey Proper Twelve.

Their name is a brand. Who has Forbes named the world's most expensive athlete?

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