The world inside the cell. Another football

Panna is one of the varieties of street football. However, still few have heard of her. There are even fewer people who know that anyone can do panna and take part in the corresponding tournaments in Moscow. In order to understand the peculiarities of the new street traffic, to find out what it is, how to play it and what is needed for this, the Championship talked with the founder of the first panna school in Russia - Ivan Saprykin.

The world inside the cell. Another football

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- Hello, tell me what panna is?

- Panna is one of the varieties of street football. It is played in one-on-one format. The main highlight is the rule of the thrown ball between the opponent's legs. You can interpret it this way: if you throw the ball between the opponent's legs, then this is a knockout. But it is worth noting that the value of the ball thrown can be different: either a knockout or two points. That is, if you hold the ball between the legs, two points are counted, and the game continues further.

- Where do panna tournaments usually take place?

- The game proceeds in a cage, as we call the site for the panna. It is round, metal, professional. Also, the game must have a gate. However, if there is no professional platform, you can find a suitable patch, put four stable objects, thus marking the gate, and voila, the improvised platform is ready. When we first started playing Panna, that's exactly what we did.

- What is so special about this new movement in football?

- Panna can be for everyone carry a different purpose: it can be entertainment, and professional activity, and the improvement of individual skill, but for us it all works together. Panna is beautiful, virtuoso feints that you need to be able to do in order to throw the ball between your opponent's legs. For this, you need to handle the ball well, make spectacular, interesting and, of course, effective feints. Accordingly, if you are a professional football player, Panna will help you improve your technique. Moreover, all this takes place not in some kind of improvised, but in real combat conditions, where you fight one on one with your opponent.

The world inside the cell. Another football

Photo: Archive panna.pro

- Are there any special rules for panna? What are the consequences of violations?

- Of course, all the rules are regulated. For example, for a tough game, the ball is passed to an opponent. Since the panna-cage is small, it is inappropriate to shoot a penalty. For three warnings, you are disqualified. This mainly happens in competitions: the heat of passion, the desire to win - all this makes itself felt.

- Where did this movement come to Russia from?

- Panna originated in Holland, or rather, in Suriname. Previously, Suriname was a colony of the Netherlands, respectively, they had a large intersection of nations. The word panna itself is Surinamese, ittranslated as destroy. But panna received the greatest development in the Netherlands. Now the movement is gaining popularity all over the world.

Russia is one of the countries in which panna is developing by leaps and bounds. By the level of organization, I think we can safely be put in the top three. We started practicing this kind of football in 2007.

The world inside the cell. Another football

Photo: Archive panna.pro

- Tell us about tournaments, how often do they take place?

- A rating tournament is held throughout the year. The Panna.pro website has a rating system. The guys are registered and get automatically to the database. The tournament opens in May and closes at the end of the year. Competitions are held at different events and festivals in several stages, approximately five to six.

- How many people participate in the tournament?

- Unfortunately, we have set limits on the number of people, and this is due to the limited time for the event. Usually 64 people participate in the tournament.

- Are there any age or other restrictions?

- So far we do not make age restrictions so as not to suppress people's interest. Now playgrounds will appear in cities and districts, we plan to come there with master classes and attract as many young football players as possible, and thanks to this, in the near future we will be able to make a separate slot for children so that there is a more honest fight between the participants. Also not so long ago we held the first mini-tournament among girls. Accordingly, anyone can play panna: girls, boys, children. Also within our team we create a group for teenagers up to 14-15 years old - Street Madness Junior. All this is gaining momentum

- Is there a specific site where tournaments are held, or are the venues changing?

- Now Adidas The Base is our main a platform where we spend almost all our free time. The Base is a hub where you can not only have a great time, but also improve your skills. Here you can find everything: food, consoles, panna playgrounds, play ping-pong, chat, practice panna, professional football players often come to us, you can take pictures and play with them.

- How was your Street Madness team formed?

- The first time we all met and met in 2006, it all happened on the basis of freestyle. Without thinking twice, we put together a team. And literally a year later, we began to get involved in panna, began to promote and practice it. In the beginning there were only 4-5 people. Now, of course, there are more of us.

- How was the Street Football School formed?

- As for the school, initially we did not make any plans. Everything went intuitively. At first, we just went to different venues, played, filmed videos. After that, people often approached us and asked where they could learn this. At that time, in principle, there was nowhere to learn. The paid school has two groupsPPU: the first group - children and beginners, the second - adults and experienced. We have mixed groups based on (The Base).

The world inside the cell. Another football

Photo: Archive panna.pro

- Who trains at school and what is taught there?

- I train mainly. There is also a free school at The Base. My colleague, Jean-Pierre Papin, trains there. Panna is a collection of elements. This includes ball control, feints, tricks, passes, strikes. This is all we teach in our school.

- How did you find out about panna yourself and what did you do before getting carried away with panna?

- About panna I learned from my friend Jean Pierre Papin, the most interesting thing is that at first I did not understand this game and maybe even laughed at what he told me, but later everything fell into place. Most of the team came to Panna from youth football. I went to sports schools, played in professional minifootball clubs. After that I got carried away with freestyle, which led me to such a concept as street football.

- Do you have any idols in the world of sports, in panna or teams that you would like to be closer to?

- In principle, the first steps have already been taken. We are part of the worldwide Street Kings team, founded by the legendary Edward Van Gils and Izzy Hitman, from the Netherlands. They are also the founders of the street football movement in the world. Their story is very similar to ours. Street Kings is a world team, we looked at them, we were equal, and today we are representatives of Street Kings Russia. It so happened that my colleague Jean-Pierre Panin was already able to see them, I have not yet. But I'm sure it will definitely happen!

- Do we need more panna-sites?

- I think we need more so that more people know about this , started playing, interested. When we set up the site, we place signs with brief rules next to it. If there are no playgrounds, then the sport dies, and we try to make sure that this does not happen! We want people to play and enjoy the game.

- Are professional footballers fond of panna?

- Yes, of course. For example, Quincy Promes from Spartak. Van Gils has one guy in the team - Orry, Quincy Promes is his cousin. He even came to our tournament once. In Europe, professional footballers are happy to play panna, even if they haven't done it before. At some famous freestylers and footballers, you can find videos where they come to clubs - Juventus, Manchester United - and play boldly with football players, with Paul Pogba and Neymar.

The world inside the cell. Another football

Photo: Archive panna.pro

- When is the next event or competition?

- Opening of the season on May 1, in which anyone can participate, for this you just need to register on the Panna.pro website and see detailed information about where it takes place, what time and what is needed to participate. Looking aheadI will say that the opening will be held at The Base Moscow. We are waiting for everyone who is not indifferent!

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