The SECRETS of being a LIVEABOARD Sailor (Questions & Answers)

The wind in the sails: 10 awkward sailing questions and answers

More and more people in Russia are fond of sailing, but as it turned out, getting the right to operate a small boat is easy only at first glance. We found out what problems any aspiring yachtsman can face.

The wind in the sails: 10 awkward sailing questions and answers

What are the boatmaster's rights for?

Without a license, you are not you can rent a boat. If you own your own yacht, without a driving license, you are required to hire a specialist, even if you are planning a rain puddle cruise. And it's not about big fines, but about your own safety.

I want to get a license to operate a yacht, where to start?

In general, the procedure is similar to obtaining a driver's license. You need to pass a medical examination, choose a sailing school and undergo training, pass theoretical and practical exams, get a license.

The yacht club promises that after graduation I will get a license. Will this be a real license?

No, this is either a publicity stunt or you are dealing with scammers. Schools are not allowed to conduct attestations and issue licenses. After completing the training, you only receive a certificate, which does not give you the right to operate the ship.

Who conducts certification for boatmasters?

There are two bodies that take exams and issue licenses in Russia: State Inspectorate for small boats (GIMS) and the All-Russian Federation of Sailing (VFPS). GIMS belongs to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and is engaged in the registration of ships and certification of boatmasters. The federation trains athletes and popularizes sailing.

How do I know where to take the exam?

First you have to decide where you plan to use your boat. If you are going to move only through the inland waters of Russia, then you need to pass exams at the State Institute of Information and Communication. And if you plan to rent a yacht abroad, then you will need to pass certification in the federation. It is forbidden to operate a vessel in the internal waters of Russia under the license of the federation, and it is almost impossible to rent a yacht in European countries under an inspection license.

Why can't one authority issue licenses?

The problem is that there are no uniform rules in the world, as there are too many different water areas, types of ships and purposes stay on the water. Therefore, the only international document is the Convention on the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

I have decided that I will only travel in the internal waters of Russia, what is the procedure?

The first step is to choose a school of navigators, where you will study. After completing your studies and receiving a certificate, you can take exams at GIMS. In the theoretical part of the exam, the inspectors should make sure that you are familiar withyacht device, navigation rules and safety precautions. During the practical exam, it is necessary to perform exercises on the water in one of the water departments of the inspection.

How to choose a school for navigators?

The choice should be taken as seriously as possible, since the risk of running into scammers is very high ... The first step is to make sure the school has all the required paperwork. The Ministry of Education, not the inspectorate itself, issues a license to train small boat operators. The presence of a license ensures that the school has everything it needs to fully prepare students. In addition, before concluding a contract, you need to find out how and where the practical classes take place, it can be a real reservoir or a simulator, depending on the location of the school.

The wind in the sails: 10 awkward sailing questions and answers

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Everything you wanted to know about yachting in Russia: where to learn, how to get a license and how much it costs.

How to get the rights to operate a vessel, which will be quoted in other countries?

Some yachting schools claim on their websites that the rights issued by GIMS are accepted abroad. In most cases this is not the case, even on the website of the Ministry of Emergencies it is indicated that the rights issued by the inspection are valid in Russian territorial waters, as well as in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Russia).

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