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The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

Testosterone is the most important hormone in a man's life. A lot depends on its level in the blood. Most people associate the hormone and its role in the body exclusively with external manifestations: a rough voice, abundant vegetation, the ability to gain muscle mass, and so on.

But few people think that a low concentration of the hormone in a man's blood can lead to serious psychological problems. Indeed, in addition to all of the above, it is testosterone that directly affects energy levels, performance, mental activity and the presence of a healthy interest in the opposite sex. ( watch the study ).

As part of a joint project of the Championship and Evalar we want to understand once and for all the question of why a man needs testosterone and how to maintain its level in the body.

The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

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Testosterone level: what affects it?

Of course, a huge number of external and internal factors affect the level of testosterone in a man's blood. It is also not necessary to dismiss one of the versions of medical scientists that genetics also matters. But let's focus on specific points.

  • Diet

Male sex hormones are produced by cholesterol. That is why it is especially important that a sufficient amount of proteins and fats enter the diet of a real man during the day. This indirectly explains the fact that much more men than women are drawn to meat.

Interesting fact: Scientists have shown that testosterone levels in male vegetarians decrease by an average of 10%.
  • Climate

The widespread stereotype that the hottest guys are southerners is by no means a stereotype and is based on research by scientists. The fact is that the sun's rays increase testosterone levels. So God himself ordered a real macho to sunbathe as often as possible.

  • Bad habits

But the love of strong alcoholic drinks can play a cruel joke with a man. Biologically based fact: alcohol abuse leads to a decrease in testosterone levels in the body and a decrease in sex drive.

  • Lifestyle

Calm and A sedentary lifestyle also lowers testosterone levels. Therefore, it is important for men to win, to assert themselves and compete with someone, to bring home the spoils. In general, everything is the same as 2000 years ago: you killed a mammoth - take it home.

The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

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The most male hormone. What does testosterone level affect? ​​

Testosterone affects a man's appearance, psychological state and behavior. Thanks to the natural increase in testosterone levels during adolescence, male features appear.

  • The hormone affects the proper development of the prostate gland, testicles and penis.
  • It contributes to the appearance of hair on the body and face, the appearance of a rough and low timbre of the voice.
  • Testosterone levels affect the production of protein, which is essential for the formation of muscle tissue.
  • Thanks to testosterone, fat in the male body is evenly distributed, not deposited in the abdomen.
  • A normal testosterone level is a guarantee that a man will have a good mood.
  • Thanks to testosterone, blood circulation is improved, which ensures a normal erection.
  • Testosterone is responsible for sending signals of attraction to the opposite sex to the brain. Thus, he provides a man not only with the opportunity, but also the desire to become closer to a woman .
The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

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Testosterone Deficiency Signs: When Is It Time to Sound the Alarm?

Statistics are such that already at the age of 30-35, even in healthy men, the level of natural testosterone in the body begins to fall. For the time being, this may not appear at all externally or cause a number of the following symptoms.

  • A man feels muscle weakness and gets tired quickly.
  • Shortness of breath appears.
  • Sweating increases.
  • Weight jumps. The body incorrectly redistributes fat deposits, accumulating them in the abdomen and chest.
  • Less hair on the body.
  • The erection worsens and, as a result, the libido decreases.
  • Against this background, there are sharp mood swings.
The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

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How to keep testosterone in check? 5 Simple Tips

  • Balanced Nutrition

In order for testosterone levels to be normal, the first step is to eat properly. You must stick to the protein-fat-carbohydrate pattern. With a lack of protein, testosterone levels drop. Protein is best taken from white meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Cereals such as oatmeal, buckwheat, and rice are well suited to increase the level of carbohydrates. You should get quality fats from your diet. They are found in salmon, vegetable oils, nuts.

  • Quitting bad habits

Quitting bad habits (alcohol, tobacco , chips, fast food). Try to reduce your stress levels.

  • Minimize stress

Your emotional state directly affects your blood testosterone levels. When you are stressed, cortisol levels rise in your blood, which suppresses testosterone.

The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

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  • Get active

Regular exercise is recommended.

  • Take supplements

Since ancient times, the Tribulus terréstris plant has been used to increase testosterone levels and maintain them in the norm. INin the modern world, natural medicines based on this plant are available. Modern scientists provide more specific data on the effect of Tribulus.

Scientific studies have confirmed that Tribulus creeping contains steroid components of natural origin, which increase testosterone levels. They also restore and improve sexual libido in men, lengthen erection time, stimulate spermatogenesis, increase sperm count, and lower cholesterol levels.

Fun fact: Scientists have also discovered that tribulus plants have adaptogenic and antibacterial properties. Although they restore testosterone levels, the hormone production does not exceed the normal physiological level. Thus, they bring significant benefits to the male body.
The whole truth about testosterone. The hormone that makes a man a man

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Tribulus products are widely used among athletes. They are known to be used to stimulate muscle gain, which is directly related to testosterone levels.

Effex Tribulus from Evalar - 100% natural medicine based on Tribulus creeping:

· helps to increase testosterone levels;
· treats erectile dysfunction;
· lengthens erection time ;
· stimulates spermatogenesis;
· lowers cholesterol levels
· increases immunity.


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How the 'manly' hormone testosterone affects everyone's behaviour

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