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The whole truth about children's sections: how to choose a sport for a child and not be mistaken?

Choosing a sport for a child is not an easy task. Someone cannot give preference to one section, because in their head there is a mess of many attractive sports, and someone really wants to give their child, say, hockey, but does not know if it is suitable for the child. And it's not just about likes and dislikes. To correctly figure out where to give your son or daughter, you need to take into account other parameters.

What are testing centers and how it works

This Moskomsport project helps to determine which sport a child is predisposed to , has been operating in the capital for about a year. There are 11 testing centers in Moscow, where they will help you to choose the right sport for your child for free. To pass simple, but very important studies, you will need to first take a certificate from a pediatrician stating that your child is allowed to exercise, as well as sign up for testing and grab a sports uniform for the child.

Testing lasts no more than 2 hours. Accepts children aged 6-12 years.

What does the procedure consist of?

The child performs tasks of the physical and psychological plan. At the end, you are given a large list of sports, from the most suitable to those for which your child, for some reason, is not yet ready.
There are two options for passing the test. In addition to contacting a specialized center, you can arrange a similar test yourself.

Professional testing.

Comprehensive examination at testing centers consists of psychophysiological, anthropometric, sports and functional studies. Let's figure out what is hidden under these names.

  • Psychophysiological testing

It includes tests for attention, reaction speed, memory, as well as the study of individual characteristics and determination of the type of temperament. Surveys take place quickly enough and more like a game: click faster, find, build a sequence, and the like. However, the results of this stage are very important, because they largely determine whether the child will enjoy the chosen sport.

  • Anthropometric examination

This is a measurement of indicators of physical condition. You can often hear a phrase of this type: They do not become a football player, they are born. Instead of the word football player, you can insert any other. The fact is that the indicators laid down by nature directly determine the propensity for any kind of sport. Here, your child will not only measure the height and determine it ineu, but they will also measure blood pressure, measure body diameters, determine the shape of the chest, back, thickness of skin and fat folds.

  • Functional testing

Components such as endurance, performance, and balance are defined here.
Research consists of Rufier test, Step test, PWC 170, Romberg test. Let's explain what this means.

  1. The Rufier Test determines the performance of the heart during exercise. The child's pulse is measured 3 times: at rest and in the supine position, immediately after performing 30 squats in 45 seconds and about a minute later (also in the supine position). Based on this, the endurance score is calculated.
  2. Step test measures the endurance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. What it consists of: you need to climb the step platform and descend back at a given pace for several minutes. It then measures how quickly the pulse recovers.
  3. PWC 170 - a gradual increase in load until the heart rate reaches 170 per minute. This is how overall performance is determined.
  4. Romberg Test reveals the ability to keep balance with closed eyes and shows the state of the vestibular apparatus, coordination abilities. Runs on a dedicated platform.
  • Sports Testing

At this stage, the child will perform key physical exercises: long jump from a place, high jump, twisting of straight arms back and forth (the child holds a gymnastic stick in his hands and tries to do a twist, putting his hands as close as possible to each other), leaning forward from a sitting position, shuttle running (3 times 10 meters each), running 15 meters, throwing and catching the ball after rebounding in pairs, pulling up on a high bar. The number of tests and their scores, of course, depend on the gender and age of the child.

Online testing

This is a very good option for those who do not live in Moscow. This testing will take about half an hour to complete. You will need to enter the height, weight, age of the child, and if desired, the height of the parents in order to predict what your child will be like in the near future. Next, you will see a list of sports tests that you need to complete your child. A description is attached to each item. Some of the tests have short videos that show you how to complete the exercise.

The child is waiting for simple exercises: squats, shuttle running, push-ups from the bench, running 15 meters, bending from a prone position, twisting straight arms, speed test (click the mouse as soon as possible whenbeep), and you can do the Rufier test yourself. Again, the number of trials offered depends on the age specified.

The advantage of this option is that you can participate in it here and now. But a more complete, professional and versatile research, of course, is carried out in testing centers. On your own you can measure only the physical performance of a child, but it is important to understand what he is inclined to purely psychologically and where it will be more pleasant for him to study due to his physique.

Testing centers also fail to pass verdict. They provide recommendations to take into account. However, we must not forget about the preferences of the child, and about the need to support him in the chosen direction.

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