People Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Coronavirus Diagnosis

The truth was hidden from us. 6 films that predicted the coronavirus pandemic

Deadly viruses have often become the basis of the plot of Hollywood and not only films. Some of them were so realistic that after watching it felt uncomfortable that it could happen to you. There is a complete feeling that the writers of the motion picture Infection knew something in advance. Painfully, what is happening in this film reminds the world in which we all live and the coronavirus pandemic. Did they have some kind of gift?

In our selection from the Championship, we have collected for you the most interesting, most frightening and most realistic films about epidemics and global disasters. Everyone now has more free time, which means that you can gradually master all the films from the list.

The truth was hidden from us. 6 films that predicted the coronavirus pandemic

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Released: 2011

A girl returns home from a business trip, where her husband and children are waiting for her. However, the return is ruined by a severe cold, which suddenly turns into a fever and ends in death. The husband cannot believe that the common cold ended in tragedy and requires an explanation from the doctors. An autopsy revealed a shocking change in internal tissues. The doctors are in a panic, they have not seen this yet. A deadly virus can harm a significant part of the world's population in a short time.

The task is to quickly identify the source of infection, estimate the spread of the virus and develop a vaccine. For some reason, the government does not tell the population all the details of what is happening, deliberately withholding the facts. The truth was hidden from us, - says one of the heroes of the film. It seems that top management is playing its own game and is only interested in their own profit ...


Released: 1995

Dustin Hoffman , Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo - a brilliant cast has taken part in yet another disaster film. America is under threat this time. From Africa, smugglers brought in an infected monkey that bit a man. He is now the carrier of the deadly virus. Nobody understands how quickly the virus can spread. There is no chance of a cure without a vaccine.

The government creates a task force and finds out that in order to save the population, it is necessary to find this monkey as soon as possible in order to develop antibodies for the vaccine. However, it turns out that the monkey escaped in an unknown direction. Several hours remain to save people.

I am a legend

Released: 2007

Perhaps oneof the most famous films about the apocalypse. The movie is based on the classic novel by Richard Matheson. They say that an attempt to film the novel was made back in the 90s, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to play the main role there. But it turned out in the 2000s. Will Smith's hero was left alone on Earth. At least he thought so.

The whole world is under the rule of vampires. During the day, the hero walks around the city and destroys them, and at night he tries to find a vaccine that could turn vampires into ordinary people again. The hope of defeating the epidemic is gradually dying ...


Released: 2010

An Air Force plane crashes onto a small American town carrying a dangerous virus. They do not know about the fall immediately, but in the meantime, the virus enters the local water supply and gradually begins to infect residents. The disease endangers the life of not only this city, but the entire country and planet. In order to cope with the virus, the government is forced to completely quarantine the city using military equipment.


Released: 2008

In the North of the United States, the number of suicides has risen sharply. Moreover, the most sophisticated ways to end one's life are chosen - a hairpin for a hair, a lawn mower, wounded animals. Someone released a terrible and unpredictable virus. The epidemic is growing rapidly and no one can figure out what to do about it. Rumor has it that this was a biological attack.

The main character with his wife, friend and small child get on a train to leave the big city as far as possible from the source of the virus. But on the way, the train suddenly stops and the connection is completely lost ...


Released: 1968

An excellent Soviet film with the most relevant title. At the Institute of Epidemiology, a scientific experiment was being carried out, during which something went wrong. It all ended in an accident, which caused the threat of the spread of a deadly virus. The staff of the scientific center could not allow this, so all workers were closed in strict quarantine. Due to total isolation within the team, a big scandal was brewing.

The truth was hidden from us. 6 films that predicted the coronavirus pandemic

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