The strangest sports rituals. Feng shui bottles and basil in spats

Athletes are quite superstitious people. Many footballers enter the field only with their right foot, such as Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos, and tennis player Maria Sharapova tries not to step on the court line. Athletes have typical rituals, superstitions, lucky things and amulets of varying degrees of weirdness. Goalkeeper Iker Casillas, for example, wears leggings inside out, and hockey players do not shave during the playoffs and do not step on the team emblem in the locker room. We've collected the strangest rituals and habits that athletes from all over the world have.

The strangest sports rituals. Feng shui bottles and basil in spats

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Gattuso is a lover of Russian classics

The famous Italian footballer Gennaro Gattuso turned out to be a big fan of Russian classical literature. Usually an extremely harsh Italian on the field before the games liked to read a couple of pages from F.M. Dostoevsky. Who knows, maybe before every tough tackle, Gennaro wondered: Am I a trembling creature or do I have the right? They also wrote that Gattuso loves the works of Boris Pasternak. A worthy choice!

John Terry's happy urinal

As captain of Chelsea, John Terry said that the club's players at home arena Stamford Bridge have a happy urinal. According to him, he started the tradition, followed by other partners. We do not know if the tradition is still alive after Terry left, but a couple of years ago, players lined up at the happy urinal, ignoring the rest.

Rafael Nadal and his bottles

Tennis star Rafael Nadal cannot play until he puts the bottles of water in a strictly defined order. Nadal himself writes in his book that this is how he tries to find order in his mind.

Salt grass for victory

Former president of the Italian club Pisa Romeo Anconetani salted the field before every home match. He believed that this would help his team succeed. According to rumors, one day before an important match, he poured 26 kilograms of salt onto the field at once. Since Pisa has never been at the forefront of Italian football, the seasoning didn't make the team's play any better.

Basil in leggings

Romanian striker Adrian Mut lacked grass on the field. He put basil leaves in his leggings. The player also said that he wears his underwear inside out so that he would not be jinxed. Either superstitions do not work, or it was necessary to beware of the other, but the striker ruined his career due to drug problems.

Roman Bürki steals balls

Goalkeeper Borussia Dortmund loves to hold the ball in hand before the start of the game. The thrust of a football player for the projectile reached the proportions of mania. Burki literally snatched the ball away from the referee and even the children.

Hermit Coach

German coach Horst Ermantraut, who worked with Eintracht Frankfurt, was sitting separately from the team at the games. For this he was allocated a plasticthe chair that he put at the edge of the field and watched the game like that. The superstitious coach carried the chair with him even to away matches. He firmly believed that he influenced the energy field of the game. With the team hitting a long winning streak, Ermantraut also began wearing the same tracksuit to games.

LeBron's pre-match performance

NBA star LeBron James loves to throw talcum powder into the air before the game. For a while, LeBron abandoned this ritual, but soon returned to it.

The strangest sports rituals. Feng shui bottles and basil in spats

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The strangest sports rituals. Feng shui bottles and basil in spats

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The strangest sports rituals. Feng shui bottles and basil in spats

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