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The strangest city of the 2018 World Cup: what foreign fans say about Saransk

Of course, the main event for Saransk, which hosts the 2018 World Cup, was the arrival of the world famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo on the eve of the match between the Portuguese national team and Iran.

Before the match, the football star wanted to rest and gain strength, but do Ronaldo did not succeed: the hotel in which he was staying was surrounded by a crowd of fans and supporters. Cristiano even had to ask the fans to leave him alone.

Apart from the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the capital of Mordovia, the city itself made a positive impression on foreign fans.

Saransk is very cool. I still don’t believe that I see Peru returning to the World Cup and the Mordovia Arena.

Oddly enough, the guests of the 2018 World Cup are content in Saransk not only with the football atmosphere, but also with the local architecture.

This cathedral is the most beautiful in the city. I liked its color and scale.

But some fans call the capital of Mordovia the strangest host city of the 2018 World Cup. By the way, these guys from Brazil keep their blog, where they talk in detail about their stay in Saransk in English.

Football fans get to the match in completely different ways. For example, a fan of the Portuguese national team arrived in Saransk on his own transport - for several days the van became a local attraction and attracted a large number of tourists.

Not only local sights and architecture, but also gastronomy surprise guests of the city.

Somehow Saransk bypassed the directive to sell only FIFA-approved filth. Outside the stadium, there is a lovely food court that sells delicious halal kebabs. My attitude towards Saransk is getting better !.

I got to Saransk, the strangest and most amazing city of the World Cup. Today is a boiling day, and the atmosphere before the Portugal-Iran match is fierce, good-natured and cheerful. The fans made this atmosphere, even Iranian music sounds on the main square.

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