The splits of gymnast Samira Mustafayeva are breathtaking. That's very beautiful

Right now, the Championship is voting for the most mesmerizing stretch from professional gymnasts. We have selected ten videos of the perfect splits and we invite you to choose the most impressive of them.

  • Choose the most impressive stretch from professional gymnasts.

In the meantime, you decide, who to give preference to, we tell about two videos from the battle and their heroine Samira Mustafayeva .

Russian and Azerbaijani gymnasts won the love of almost a million Internet users thanks to the phenomenal stretching. It seems that the girl's twine knows no boundaries and barriers. She demonstrates it in different parts of the world and sometimes in non-standard situations. For example, in the New York subway.

Don't sit next to me!

In March of this year, many countries were already seriously talking about the coronavirus. Samira was in the United States at that time and did not miss the opportunity to create an ironic video on a relevant topic. The girl humorously told how you can protect yourself from close contacts in the subway using a stretch. The video shows a gymnast riding in an empty carriage. Suddenly, a young man appears in the frame who wants to sit next to her and, probably, get to know her, neglecting security measures. But Mustafayeva's twine chops off the attempt at the root. And the second one too.

Splits at the runway

In fact, good flexibility is both useful and beautiful. Videos with spectacular splits, especially if they are filmed in slow motion and with pleasant music, can be admired for a very long time. They are breathtaking.

Early April Samira posted a video on her Instagram, in which she barely reaches a plane taking off at the Los Angeles airport. Trust me, creating this kind of content requires not only stretching and coordination, but patience as well. Not everyone will be able to capture the perfect shot with the liner soaring skyward and do it from the first take. And the girl herself dedicated the publication to the old days, when in good weather it was still possible to train outdoors and not even think about quarantine.

Such videos are breathtaking! Stunning footage! - wrote one of Samira's followers on Instagram under the nickname Moose6779.

You can watch this forever, - killarneyteamadventures left her comment.

The splits of gymnast Samira Mustafayeva are breathtaking. That's very beautiful

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The splits of gymnast Samira Mustafayeva are breathtaking. That's very beautiful

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Like Samira MustAfaeva developed such flexibility?

At first glance, it may seem that graceful tricks are given to gymnasts with ease, because sometimes they literally float in the air and cut it with twine. But Samira had to go to enviable stretching through regular training since childhood. She devoted herself to sports from an early age.

At first, Mustafayeva was engaged in gymnastics in St. Petersburg, and later she was noticed by a strong Moscow coach Arina Zaripova. After that, the girl trained both in the capital and in Novogorsk - with Irina Viner-Usmanova. She played for Azerbaijan at the competitions, and later was part of our national team. Samira twice became the bronze medalist of the world championships and won the title of the champion of Russia.

In 2013, the girl ended her gymnastics career and left the sport. But after some time, she nevertheless decided to restore her shape and devote herself to her beloved work, looking at it from a different angle. Samira retrained as a coach and opened her own stretching studio SMSTRETCHING.

Now the athlete travels a lot and, one might say, lives in two cities: Moscow and Los Angeles. By the way, in the States, where spectacular videos were filmed, it was also not by chance. Now Samira's family business is successfully developing outside our country, and the girl herself continues to be his main ideological inspirer.

Impressed by the story of Samira Mustafayeva? Then choose her video in the vote for the most beautiful gymnastic stretch.

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