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The simplest thing is to take it, leave it and not go anywhere. All rivals are waiting for this

On February 12, at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, our skaters Yekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Soloviev helped the team win silver in the free skate. Each medal of this Olympiad is worth its weight in gold for us, each of these medals is the result of hard work, it is not only physical, but also moral confrontation with rivals. Katya Bobrova is supported by her mother at the 2018 Olympic Games.

Natalia Nikolevna was invited to Pyeongchang by P&G, the IOC's global partner, as part of the Thank You Mom! campaign so that she can be with her daughter, a famous figure skater and Olympic champion, during performances. Of course, for Catherine this was not the first fight for Olympic medals, but for Natalya Nikolaevna she turned out to be no less exciting than her daughter's very first appearance on the ice. After all, it is the mother who goes through all the stages of her career with the athlete and is next to her, experiencing all the ups and downs. Immediately after the awarding ceremony, we managed to talk to Natalya Nikolaevna Bobrova in order to find out for sure how to raise a real champion.

- Natalya Nikolaevna, tell us why you decided to send Ekaterina to figure skating? Was it more your or her choice?
- It was entirely her choice. She herself wanted to, because her older sister was engaged in figure skating. Katya really wanted to be like Sveta, so she was always striving for her.

- Were there plans for professional sports from the very beginning or did it all start with a simple hobby?
- Katya just skated. How all children start: they ride, then somewhere something turns out, somewhere it doesn't work out. At the age of 10 she was invited to watch ice dancing. We looked over and they took us. Then Dimochka came ( Dmitry Solovyov - Russian figure skater, Ekaterina's partner in ice dancing. - Approx. Championship ). Since then we have grown up together.

- You on your side Did they somehow motivate or her main motivation has always been exclusively victories?
- Of course. Both my daughters are strongly motivated for sports, for work, for classes, for studies. I think all the mothers of their children somehow motivate them so that they can achieve success in life, not necessarily in sports. We found different motivations, I would say so.

- And what, for example?
- ( Laughs. ) Well-known children's story. When Katya started skating, she studied in the group of Natalya Nikolaevna Titova (this is our very first coach). And if something didn’t work out for her, she would say: Well, I’m at least a candy. So she trained for candy. And then Katya got involved, became conscious and began to understand what she was doing. The guys, Katya and Dima, had an incentive, a desire to go to the Russian Championship and achieve results there, then -for the Grand Prix and for the World Junior Championships. By the way, it was very interesting at the World Championship. We got there for the first time. Katya was 16 years old, Dima - 17, and they won it. And then they immediately went to adult competitions.

- Katya, apparently, had a very busy schedule: early rise, long training. How did you manage?
- We did our homework in the car, in the trolleybus, because we left for training on the first trolleybus. Do you know there is a movie The First Trolleybus? Here we are almost like in the movie. The first door was opened for us, because it was impossible to get into the trolleybus. We sat on the first seat there and drove to the Young Pioneer stadium.

- It's not easy. What was your schedule? After all, there is another daughter of Sveta, who also goes in for sports.
- Sveta did, yes, but by that time she was already independent. She was already 11-12 years old. Dad was also connecting. In the late evening, then I, then he took the eldest daughter from training, that is, they changed all the time. Svetochka was already more independent, so she often went on her own.

- You also worked as a teacher at that time. In general, is it difficult to support a family, to take care of yourself and your home in such a regime?
- When young people say that they are tired, I do not know what to say. We were also tired, but for some reason we managed to do everything. Two children: one to the skating rink, the other to the garden; I go to and from work. Somehow they did the schedule, the schedule so that I had time to come and pick it up. My husband also helped. Well, basically we ( parents. - Approx. Championship ), of course, did it. The grandmothers were a little distant.

- What kind of rest did you usually have between trainings and between competitions? How do you used to spend your free time with your family? Maybe you have some traditions?
- Yes! Our family has a lot of traditions. Moreover, we attract a lot of people to them. For example, our dacha is located in a village in the Istra district, and we have a tradition there: we go to carols. The whole family dresses up in some comic outfits and goes to all their friends at home. So we carol. We also celebrate Shrovetide every year. I sew a doll that is then burned. A huge number of people are gathering. The whole village converges. Katya also usually participates, but this year, it's a pity, she won't be able to. And we are such hikers, one might say, we go hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

- Even vacation in your family is active!
- Very active. Dad is worried that he cannot now run the Russian Ski Track ( All-Russian mass cross-country skiing. It took place on February 11th. - Approx. Championship ). Every year, both Sveta and Katya and her father take part in the Russian Ski Track and the Moscow Ski Track ( traditional cross-country skiing competitions. - Approx. Championship ). And I'm so waiting for them at home with tea.

- In such a difficult the schedule is hard for children. Did little Katya have a desire to quit training? How did you feel about this? What did they sayher?
- You know, there were wonderful words that, perhaps, sounded pompous, sublime, but it was very hard for the guys. It was in my junior age. And later they became world champions, which made it even harder. Svetlana Lvovna Alekseeva ( coach of Ekaterina Bobrova. In the past - Soviet figure skater, two-time winner of the USSR Cup. Master of Sports of the USSR of international class, Honored coach of Russia. - Approx. Championship ) said: Next year will be easier - but he became more and more difficult. But, you know, there was no such obvious period when Katya would like to quit. You see, if a child says like this: I won't go, I won't! Then no one will tie his hands and carry him to training. Then the guys won the world championship, and Svetlana Lvovna said: Katya, Dima, you do not belong to yourself. You belong to the country! And when she said this, they goggled at her with such little eyes: How is it? Here we are ?. This was already a real argument. After that, every year, a lot of energy was spent - both moral and physical. The simplest thing is to take it, leave it and not go anywhere. All rivals are waiting for this, but we must say: Do not wait! We will still ride and show results. So it happened with us this morning (February 12). At the third Olympic Games, silver for me is even higher than gold and higher than Sochi gold. It's worth a lot.

- Could you ever think that your daughter could achieve such high results? That is, when little Katya went to her first trainings, did you build any expectations?
- Of course not. They ride in a group of 15 people. I can name such a galaxy of talented children by their names, who are now skating in shows and elsewhere. Someone has, perhaps, abandoned it a long time ago and left. There were a lot of children in the section, and it is not known who has what sports path. Everything is different for everyone. It was evident, of course, that Katya was an extraordinary girl. In terms of the fact that she is so danceable. But again, every mother has a talented child. Someone reaches the heights, someone does not - this is how it happens. This is sports life, sports luck, colossal work. Maybe someone gave himself a weakness and did not go to training, but someone stepped over everything. There are tons of examples right now.

- Yes, professional sports are tough.
- Naturally. For these Olympic Games, I can say that the moral aspect, in my opinion, is now more defining than physical data. You can be seven inches in the forehead, but you will not be allowed. This is scary.

- Not everyone who devotes almost his entire life to the cause can achieve such results. Again, there is the possibility of any injury or other factors that affect the physical condition. Have you ever thought that children's activities can go to waste?
- It never goes to waste. This is generally the wrong approach. Don't go through anythingt wasted. For example, a person is engaged in music, he will never be Chopin, but music will lead him through life. He does not sit on the couch, but makes music. And it will definitely come in handy. Yes, you can sit on the couch, play computer games and just vegetate this life. The rest is all needed. Moreover, sport is health, it is trips around the world, if they succeed, and so on. This is wonderful.

- Indeed. Do you communicate with Katya before each performance? What words of support do you say?
- The coaching staff monitors the mood. The only words I always say is that I love her very much. This is my daughter. I have both of them the most beautiful. Now she called me, and I told her: Katyusha, you are my favorite, the most golden. And how Lyosha Yagudin ( Russian figure skater, Honored Master of Sports of Russia. - Approx. Championship ) said today on television: This silver medal is worth its weight in gold !. I completely agree with him, because in such a situation the guys are just great. The whole team is just great.

- Do you watch any competitions in general? Do you visit them?
- At one time I attended all the competitions, but did not watch them live. I left the podium all the time because it is very exciting. And when we came to Sasha Zhulin ( figure skating coach, Soviet and Russian figure skater. - Approx. Championship ) in the group, he saw that I was leaving for the competition. He said to me: Mother, where are you going? You have such energy! You have to sit, watch and hold the child. There is such an expression among parents - to keep. We all have a very strong bond with children. After that I watch all the competitions. For example, I must definitely watch a live broadcast, if there is one, and not some recordings.

- And in conclusion, maybe you have some advice for all mothers of champions?
- I keep saying that you need to be able to give gingerbread on time and on time give a whip. I think every mom knows this. At what moment to regret, at which to support, at which, perhaps, it is harder to act. But, you see, in big sports there are no spineless people. I do not know such. These are strong personalities, strong characters. Therefore, they only need support. They should all know that we love them very much, that they are the best with us, no matter what place they take.

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