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The secret of youth. How to look fresh at any age?

During the off-season, it is especially important to pay more attention to the skin of the face. We often rely solely on magic creams, or even forget about cosmetics and procedures. It is important to note that not only women, but also men want to look good and get a couple of compliments at a New Year's corporate party. Therefore, together with the founder of the Face Fit Maria Fadeeva studio, we have selected universal facial procedures that you can do even at home while no one is seeing.

How to do self-massage correctly?

  • Before self-massage, you should remove makeup and cleanse your face with toner / micellar water.
  • Then you need to apply cream , oil, serum (whichever suits you best). An additional moisturizing layer will add to the effectiveness of the procedure, the effect on the skin of the face will be much stronger.
We recommend using products with hyaluronic acid or peptides. Now there is a large selection of serums, where the main components are hyaluronic acid and water, the best way to fight the signs of aging. A feature of products with peptides is the ability of these components to adapt as much as possible to the type of skin.

To simplify the procedure, you can use massage rollers and Guasha plates.

  • After applying the cream, you can start using the roller . At home, we strongly recommend using a non-invasive mesoscooter.

How to use the mesoscooter?

The mesoscooter is a simple but effective cosmetic device. It provides fast and safe elimination of wrinkles and enlarged pores, stimulates collagen production and activates tissue regeneration. It is enough to move the roller along the massage lines 3-5 minutes a day. You can roll the roller several times over problem areas (crow's feet, nasolabial folds).

The secret of youth. How to look fresh at any age?

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What are Gua sha combs for? h4>

After the stage with the roller, we proceed to massage with Guasha combs. This beauty gadget is so named after the ancient Chinese massage of the same name, which is performed by scraping movements on different parts of the body. Despite the fact that technology has been around for many years, now it is a bright trend in the modern beauty industry.

Performing facial massage with such an accessory must also bemassage lines, moving from bottom to top. As a result, blood flow is activated, microcirculation is enhanced, and muscle tension is relieved. Guasha stones are responsible for sculpting: they emphasize the line of the cheekbones, sharpen the oval of the face, and reduce subcutaneous adipose tissue in unwanted places. Using the combs at home for 5-7 minutes a day, you can maintain the effect of the studio procedure.

Guasha massage is already loved by many celebrities. Among them are Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Vera Brezhneva. Now we know the beauty secrets of show business divas.

The secret of youth. How to look fresh at any age?

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Guasha is best kept in the refrigerator and getting it right before use is more effective.

As a result of regular care with the roller and Guasha stones, wrinkles are smoothed, facial contours are sculpted, and skin color acquires a beautiful and natural shade, the tone is evened out. This self-massage will allow you to look younger than your age and show off a healthy and fresh blush even after the busiest day of work.

And for those who do not want to understand the basics of massage on their own, Face Fit launch the second online self-massage marathon. From December 5, for seven days, on a closed page on Instagram, Maria Fadeeva will reveal all the secrets of youth and proper skin care. By the way, each participant is guaranteed to receive a beauty box, in which all the most necessary equipment for your endeavors.

The secret of youth. How to look fresh at any age?

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The secret of youth. How to look fresh at any age?

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