Is Young Blood The Secret To Eternal Youth?

The secret of eternal youth. The Alcaine Diet That They Are Addicted to in Hollywood

Victoria Beckham is known not only as a business woman and the wife of a former football player. Speaking about her, in addition to her numerous merits, they recall all sorts of experiments in nutrition and a huge number of diets that she managed to test on herself. But for many years now nothing has been heard about Victoria's experiments, the ex-singer seems to have found herself. On the advice of nutritionists, the star now adheres to an alkaline diet.

An alkaline diet is not just a diet, but a special approach to nutrition. By the way, it is followed not only by Beckham, but also by other famous Hollywood actresses, including Jennifer Aniston , Kirsten Dunst and Gwyneth Paltrow . Maybe this is the secret of their eternal youth?

For whom?

It should be said right away that this is not an easy and quick way to lose weight, but daily work on yourself. If you want to make healthy eating a habit, this approach is definitely for you.

Initially such a system was intended for people with digestive tract problems to normalize acidity, in order to return the body's pH balance to normal. Later, it was noticed that, in addition to restoring balance, the patients' appetite stabilized and metabolism accelerated. As a result, after six months of adhering to such a diet, the weight of the subjects dropped to normal.
Those who regularly suffer from mood swings, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, acne, have a dull complexion and get tired quickly should try such a diet.

What's the point?

During the day, you should eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods. At first glance, it is not very simple. But everything is not as difficult as it seems. In the human body, the level of acid-base balance (the same pH) should be neutral and equal to 7. In the blood this indicator is higher, in the stomach - lower. But any jumps have a negative effect on well-being and health in general.

Overweight in the acidic side doctors call acidosis.

Check yourself

Signs of acidosis: bad breath, belching, burning and bitterness, heartburn, neck muscle tension, gray plaque on tongue, bouts of nausea, dark circles under the eyes.

What to eat?

So, we divide all foods into acidic and alkaline. Among them there is also a subdivision according to the degree of manifestation of indicators.

Alkaline products:

Very alkaline Moderately alkaline foods Weakly alkaline foods Low alkaline foods
lemons, lentils, mineral water, nectarine, onions, persimmons, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, raspberries, sea salt, sea and other algae, spirulina, sweet potatoes, tangerine, vegetable juices, watermelon. apricots, arugula, asparagus, beans (fresh green), broccoli, carrots, apples, cashews, citrus fruits, blackberries, garlic, ginger (fresh), grapefruit, pepper, herbal tea, passion fruit, kiwi, olives, parsley, mango , peas, soy sauce, mustard, spices, sweet corn, turnips. sour apples, pears, apple cider vinegar, almonds, avocados, bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, cherries, eggplant, green tea, honey, leeks, nutritional yeast, papaya, radish, mushrooms, peach, marinades, potatoes, pumpkin. avocado oil, beets, Brussels sprouts, blueberries, celery, cilantro, banana, coconut oil, cucumber, currants, flaxseed oil, baked milk, ginger tea, grapes, lettuce, oats, olive oil, raisins, strawberries, sunflower seeds , wild rice

Eat a lot less acidic foods.

Acidic Products:

Strongly acidic foods Moderately acidic foods Weakly acidic foods Very mildly acidic foods
artificial sweeteners, barley, brown sugar, cocoa, hazelnuts, hops, soy, sugar, salt, walnuts, white bread, white vinegar, wine, yeast. barley, peanuts, basmati rice, coffee, corn, mustard, nutmeg, oat bran, pecan, pomegranate, prunes. alcohol, black tea, almond oil, tofu, goat milk, balsamic vinegar, buckwheat, cow milk, tomatoes. goat cheese, brown rice, coconut, curry, dried fruit, beans, figs, grape seed oil, honey, maple syrup, pine nuts, sheep cheese, canola oil, spinach, beans, zucchini.

Unfortunately for meat eaters, acidic foods also include chicken, turkey, pork and beef. But remember that the diet does not mean giving up such dishes, but only reducing them in the diet to 20%.

What is the result?

Doctors have nothing against such a diet, because it is quite gentle. This means that the result will not be quick, but the effect will last for a long time. If proportions are observed, you can lose from two to five kilograms in a month.


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