The Royal Diet: What's the secret of Kate Middleton's wasp waist?

Kate Middleton is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and mother of three. She delights not only with her looks and unique sense of style, but also with her stunning figure. Kate is 38 years old, but anyone can envy her shape. How does she manage to keep herself in good shape?

It is known that despite her high status, Middleton loves to spend time in the kitchen. She prefers a healthy and balanced diet, which consists of foods rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, and tries to prepare not only tasty, but also healthy food. Here's how the Duchess eats to maintain her figure.

The Royal Diet: What's the secret of Kate Middleton's wasp waist?

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What does Kate Middleton's diet consist of?


Immediately after waking up, Her Highness prefers tea and coffee - a fresh smoothie. The drink contains several types of green salad, cabbage, spinach, matcha and celery. Such a start to the day helps well to turn the body into work and wake up quickly. Plus, smoothies are good for digestion.


Vegetables and fruits play an important role in the Duchess's diet. She is very fond of watermelon and quinoa salad, cold tomato gazpacho soup and goji berries.

The Royal Diet: What's the secret of Kate Middleton's wasp waist?

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Kate tries to plan the menu in such a way that most of it is plant-based. And although she occupies a fairly high position in society, when an opportunity presents itself, the Duchess goes shopping on her own, preferring clean and healthy products.


One of those close to the royal family said that for dinner, Kate often cooks fried chicken, which her husband likes so much. Prince Harry once admitted that William often invites him to family dinners, and he simply cannot refuse, knowing that the Duchess will cook her signature dish.

In addition, Middleton has a famous Indian curry in his arsenal ... The peculiarity of its preparation is that Kate does not use ready-made seasoning, but mixes it herself from individual ingredients, which helps to achieve the necessary proportions of pungency and spice.

How does the Duchess of Cambridge train?

To maintain excellent shape, the Duchess not only eats right, but also does not forget about regular physical activity. Kate prefers morning workouts, and the hedgehoghe studies for one hour during the day. Most of all she likes exercises with her own weight. She also performs several types of planks: classic, side and elbow planks.

Also during training, the Duchess pays special attention to the legs and abs. To strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and hips, she does several sets of squats, lunges, calf and thigh raises.

The Royal Diet: What's the secret of Kate Middleton's wasp waist?

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In addition, Middleton is an active fan of various sports. She loves to run, swim in the pool, ski and play tennis. Moreover, she does the latter especially hard - Kate even has a personal trainer.

In general, Kate leads a very active lifestyle. As a member of the royal family, she is obliged to attend many official events, and in addition, she also shoulders the duties of the Duchess of Cambridge. A busy schedule, coupled with a mindful diet and regular exercise, keeps Her Highness in top shape.

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