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The races are back. Ksenia Shoigu: You need to gradually get out and start running

This year, the world around literally froze, and we were left without sports. Absolutely. But it's not just your favorite broadcasts that have disappeared from the screens. Amateurs, who planned their first marathon, triathlon or swim this year, suffered just as well. The main problem that amateur runners faced was not even that sports competitions were canceled, but that for a long time in Moscow and some regions there was a strict isolation regime and people could not train on the street and run in parks.

The races are back. Ksenia Shoigu: You need to gradually get out and start running

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But there is good news: the running season, albeit with small losses in the form of April and May, is finally starting. Both amateurs and pros will be able to add medals of several starts to their piggy bank. Let some of them take place in the format of online races, which is unusual for Russians.

Together with the leader of the League of Heroes Ksenia Shoigu project, we decided to figure out in what format the starts will take place this year, as well as how you can run outside your city and bring it closer to the Running Capital of Russia award.

Project ZaBeg is the largest half marathon with a synchronized start. All runners from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka start on the same day. Each kilometer and each participant brings their hometown closer to the title of the Running Capital of Russia. There are 4 different distances to choose from. Learn more.

- Ksenia, during the period of self-isolation, a project appeared on the ZaBeg website that allows participants to run and compete with each other online. That is, being anywhere in the world. What prompted you to this idea?

- We have all gone through and are going through self-isolation. I never thought socialization was key for so many people. But when I reduced my social circle to a minimum, it became physically very difficult for me myself. It was a revelation for me! I always thought that we are all different and that there are introverted people who generally feel good without frequent communication. But even introverts are already starting to say that they want to go out somewhere, go out to people, talk, see a living person ( laughs ). I see people smiling at the grocery store! Therefore, at such a time, an online race is an opportunity to feel like a part of something big, that you are part of a team, that you are participating with everyone. It seemed to me that this is especially relevant now.

- Date of Run has changed however it has not been pushed back to next year. What difficulties did the team face?

- PandasThe emia definitely made its own adjustments ... At least about 100 thousand medals had to be reprinted. But, of course, this is not only our misfortune, it is the misfortune in general of all sports mass events this year. Both sponsors, partners, and our beloved contributors were very understanding about the transfer. Although, of course, I hoped until recently that the pandemic would not affect us that way.

- How will the medal of 2020 look like?

- Medals heavy. The design itself looks very nice, I'm sure everyone will like them. I have a collection myself. I believe that if you joined the race and you were not presented with a medal or badge, then there was no event at all. It is very important! Every participant will definitely have our medal and it will delight you, I'm sure.

- This year a large-scale running holiday ZaBeg will take place on 2 August. What is the reason for the choice of date?

- Firstly, it is a matter of the climate, since it is different in many parts of our country. August is the warmest time for the Far East, on the one hand, and on the other hand, in Crimea it is already a period of heat decline. Therefore, here we focused on the weather conditions so that people were comfortable running in the fresh air. Why August? Probably, it was chosen as the optimal climatic period.

You can register for the Run on August 2 here. To take part in the online race, you need to register before June 15.
The races are back. Ksenia Shoigu: You need to gradually get out and start running

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- In addition to all the activities, one of ZaBeg's features is the choice of the Running capital of Russia. Tell us who has already collected the award before. Do you have your own favorite?

- My personal favorite is Vladivostok, he took the award last year, snatching it from Kazan. Prior to that, Kazan twice became the Running Capital of Russia. I hope that this year Vladivostok will repeat its success, but maybe there will be some other city. I don't know, this is the whole intrigue! We noticed that every year the number of participants in each city changes, their results are getting better, so I can admit that I do not know who will take the award this year.

- Have you accepted themselves participate in the Run and do you plan to do it this year?

- Of course, I took part in all the races that were. Twice it was a half marathon distance, and once it was 10 km, and before that I ran the Race of Heroes in Germany, and for me it was an incredible challenge. First, run 12 km with obstacles, and the next day, having flown from Germany to St. Petersburg, run the top ten ... Last year I ran in Vladivostok. This year I hope to run the half marathon in St. Petersburg again.

- Half marathon - the distance is rather big. Do you have any preferences on how and in what to run 21 km?

- Everyone has their own recipe! I prefer to run long distances in Finnish HOKA sneakers. Many people say that they are too soft and it does not develop the foot, but when you run 21 kilometers it is not so important. In my opinion, these are the most comfortable running shoes in which I have run, like pillows on my feet.

- How to get back to running shape and prepare for the starts after such a long period at home?

- You know, my young man goes in for sports, and he says: To run, you need to run. To run well, you need to run for a long time. So how to prepare? You need to gradually get out and start running ( smiling ) I don't know any other way.

The races are back. Ksenia Shoigu: You need to gradually get out and start running

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- Moderate training can make the transition from offline to online much smoother. Tell me, what are the plans of the League of Heroes during the post-quarantine period? I heard that you would like to arrange an offline tour of the participating cities?

- Yes, of course, I really want to do this, because it seems to me, to say from Moscow that running is cool, and not seeing local features is at least very strange when an event is created for all countries. I would like to visit as many cities as possible and tell people that their participation is very important and that the Run in their city will be held just for them.

- Thank you, Ksenia! See you at ZaBege.

I want to join.

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