The question of the day: how to organize your life and, most importantly, why?

On December 10, at VDNKh, a lecture was held by Vary Vedeneeva, the creator of the 365done project, where she shared the basic rules of tracking that help to better organize your day and build priority tasks. Share the best tips and resources.

How a piece of paper on a refrigerator changes everything

Varya Vedeneeva, 365done project founder: A piece of paper on the refrigerator with the main task of the day or a reminder works much more efficiently than a notification on your phone. In one morning, you bump into it more than once, so you don't let your brain forget about the task ahead.

Micro-tracking - small steps to big results

You won't be able to radically change your life from Monday. Overcoming yourself through strength is by no means the best start for developing new habits. Start with small steps - understand how habits affect your life and mark the things that you would like to change. Develop the skill to notice the connection between actions and consequences. And stop blaming yourself. If we do something, it is important for us. If you are running late, doing something else is more important to you than arriving on time. It is micro-tracking that helps to gradually understand how to change our habits.

One of the main rules of Varya is that regularly is better than intensive.

Where to start tracking?

If you don't know where to start, there are several optimal options:

● bad habits - analyze what triggers a cigarette, donut or skipping exercise;
● mood swings - in what moments do you feel irritated, depressed, etc .;
● budget - how much money you spend and on what, which purchases were planned and which were sudden;
● food - see how you feel after a particular meal, how much water you drink during the day;
● daily routine - what time you get up and go to bed, how you feel.

Start tracking only the priority areas for you, you don't need to grab onto everything. Determine the timing of the tracking and see what changes occurred after a week / 30 days / 100 days / year. Be sure to record your feelings and observe yourself and your habits.

Each morning, set only the 3 most important goals for the day - nothing more, nothing less.

Books to help you better understand yourself

● Praise me - how to learn to praise yourself and do not regret what was not done.
● How to learn optimism - a book that changes the type of thinking in a positive direction.
● Important years - what people from 20 to 30 need to know in order to stop reproaching themselves for unattainable results.
● My producttive year is a 365-day program to help you make your life more efficient.
● Beat Procrastination - A great guide on how not to procrastinate.
● Essentialism - how by doing less, achieving more and being as productive as possible.
● The Power of Habit is an incredible book about how habits affect our lifestyle.

Not so long ago, Varya Vedeneyeva published a convenient and very simple daily planner for a hundred days. Each filled page is one day on the way to a difficult but definitely achievable goal.
Buy a diary
The question of the day: how to organize your life and, most importantly, why?

Photo: from Vary Vedeneeva's personal archive

Varya Vedeneeva: For me, the release of this diary is a crossed out item on the list of my life goals, and I am very grateful to everyone who helped me make it real. And I really want this diary to also help someone cross out life goals.

The question of the day: how to organize your life and, most importantly, why?

Photo: from Vary Vedeneeva's personal archive

In addition to pink, there is also a dusty blue for sale.

The question of the day: how to organize your life and, most importantly, why?

Photo: from personal archive of Vary Vedeneeva

Tracking applications

● Hours - planning work, meetings, rest and much more. Download.
● Water Balance - water level tracker in the body. Download.
● Fat Secret - food diary with calorie counter and meal reminders. Download.
● Moment is a tracker that determines the time of phone use per day. The numbers can be terrifying! Download.
● Stigma - your mood tracker. Download.
● Grid Diary - a diary of personal growth and development. Download.
● Momentum is perhaps the most convenient and simple habit tracker. Download.

Current checklists for the coming year

● Plans for the winter (you can download it here: https://365done.ru/seasonplans)
● Checklist for the year (you can download it here: https://365done.ru/365days)
● Alco-tracker for a year (you can download it here: https://365done.ru/alcohol)
● Declaration of promises in the New Year (you can download it here: https://365done.ru/365must)

Also on 365done.ru site you will find more than 70 checklists that will help make your life more interesting and conscious!

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