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The perfect match: how to choose walking skates

The most popular active pastime during the winter holidays is ice skating. Moreover, in every district you can now find several ice rinks, and some lucky ones even have them in the yards. But what if you still don't have your own skates? Renting, if you ride more often than once every three months, has long been unprofitable, and on small sites there is no rental at all. You have to think about buying your pair. Here's what you need to keep in mind when choosing walking skates so that it is not only beautiful, but also safe.

The perfect match: how to choose walking skates


If you are still in doubt if you need this purchase:

  • Rental skates are not very hygienic. Rental inventory is not always processed after each visitor;
  • rental skates are often very wobbly and will most likely wobble;
  • on New Year's Eve you will have to queue before and after skiing;
  • you can skate in your own skates on any skating rink filled with amateurs near your home for free.
The perfect match: how to choose walking skates


You shouldn't buy figure or ice hockey skates for regular skating

Walking skates are designed for those who do not plan to study and perform any complex elements. Their blades are often hockey or curly shaped, but the teeth are much shorter and do not get in the way when skating.

Go for insulated skates

Choosing skates one size larger is not a good idea. If only because it is very traumatic - boots can dangle and not fix the leg enough. If you plan to ride in open areas, it is better to initially choose models with insulation.

Check the rigidity of the boot

To do this, squeeze the boot. Hard skin does not lose its shape, soft skin is more pliable. An amateur should pay attention to the second option. Skating in these will be much easier.

Pay attention to the blade material

Most often the blades of walking skates are stainless steel strips. But it is worth remembering that, despite this characteristic, the skates must be wiped and dried after skating. Take a closer look at the metal. High-quality material has a matte shade, there are no scratches or blotches on it. High carbon steel is more expensive, but these blades last longer and stay sharp for longer.

The perfect match: how to choose walking skates


Check for anatomical inserts

Among walking skates, you can find models with anatomical inserts that will make skating even more comfortable. The sole of this material is created taking into account the characteristics of the human foot and allows you to feel much better sliding on ice. And the anatomical tongue, for example, contributes to better fixation of the lower leg and softens the pressure of the lacing.

The main thing iswhen choosing skates, think not only about savings, but also about safety. Then, for sure, nothing will spoil your New Year's holidays.

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