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The path of Dragon. Kid - Bruce Lee from Japan

Ryusei Ryuji Imai is a seven year old Bruce Lee fan from Japan. At an early age, the boy watched a film with a famous actor and athlete. After that, Ryu not only became a fan of Lee, but also began to imitate the idol and repeat his movements. Little Li did not leave anyone indifferent, now the kid himself already has many fans from different countries.

The video can be viewed on Ryuji Imai's Facebook.

Ryuuji watched his first film with Bruce Lee when he was just a year old. He began to practice movements from films at the age of four. The kid liked the actor and his movements so much that he told his parents about his desire to devote himself to martial arts.

The video can be watched on Bruce Ryu's YouTube channel.

But the hobby would remain a hobby if not for Ryu's father. It was he who began to publish videos where the baby repeated the movements of Bruce Lee from the films. Thanks to these videos, the whole world recognized the boy. Today Ryu travels all over the world and demonstrates his skills on various shows. He has already visited Italy, Belgium, Singapore, USA and other countries.

The video can be viewed on the Ryuji Imai Facebook social network.

Under his father's guidance, Ryuuji learned the technique of Jeet Kune Do (Way of the Leading Fist).

Jeet Kune Do is a combat method invented by Bruce Lee.

Despite his young age, many fans of the boy already call him a master. Ryu's father supported his son from the very beginning, because he himself plays sports.

While other children his age are playing with toys, Ryuuji Imai is practicing with nunchucks. The way the boy in his years copes with them is really amazing. However, he pays attention to basic training. Agree that few adults can do two-finger push-ups, let alone seven-year-olds.

The video can be watched on Bruce Ryu's YouTube channel.

For two years now, baby Ryu has been actively engaged. and his parents are constantly posting his new videos with complex movements from films. The boy's nickname, which spread around the world, was invented by his father. Because of his son's love for films with Bruce Lee, Ryu's father started calling him Little Lee. After the publication of video materials in 2015, everyone began to call the boy that. Ryuuji himself is undoubtedly only happy about such a thing.rosy, because Bruce Lee is his hero and source of inspiration.

In order to fulfill his dream and become like his idol, the boy monitors his diet and exercise.

The video can be viewed at social network Ryuji Imai.

Despite his popularity and talent, Ryuuji is still a seven-year-old boy who, in addition to training and Bruce Lee, loves to play with his cars.

The video can be viewed on Ryuji Imai's Facebook.

Ryu entered elementary school this year. Every day he gets up at 6:30 in the morning to practice before school. So the boy's parents can be calm - no one will offend him at school.

The video can be viewed on the Ryuji Imai Facebook social network.

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