Tyler Seguin brings girl to tears with puck on her birthday

The NHL team threw a party for the birthday of an 11-year-old fan

Birthday is one of the most beloved children's holidays: friends, cake and gifts make it unforgettable. But the party of Cade Foster, an 11-year-old Canadian schoolboy, turned out very differently and almost became the worst in the boy's life. Here's how we managed to save the holiday with the help of hockey fans.

Nobody came to Cade's birthday

This story began with a sad event: Cade Foster found himself in an unenviable position when none of the friends bothered to come to his 11th birthday. Of course, this situation upset the child. But, fortunately, his dad took matters into his own hands, resorting to the help of social networks. He tweeted a photo of his son wearing a T-shirt from Toronto, Cade's favorite hockey team, and in a touching caption:

This story quickly spread across the network: about 30 thousand users shared the post, almost 200 thousand supported the student with a like. The boy received hundreds of congratulations from the stars. Even Ontario Governor and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated Cade.

The NHL team threw a party for the birthday of an 11-year-old fan

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Toronto hockey players decided to save the holiday

News about a failed birthday I got to John Tavares - the captain of Toronto. He personally called the young fan and invited him with his family to the next game with Philadelphia. The hockey player said that he just wanted to make the child happy on a special day:

The Toronto Hockey Club covered all the costs of flying the Fosters from Newfoundland. It is interesting that the initiative to arrange a holiday for the child came primarily from the team's hockey players themselves. Mitch Maner, one of the players, said:

The NHL team threw a party for the birthday of an 11-year-old fan

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Congratulations at the Skoushabank Arena

The day kicked off with the Foster family visiting the team's locker room after morning practice. There Caid talked to idols, took a bunch of memorable photos and got autographs from his favorite hockey players.

But the most unforgettable surprise awaited the guy at the end of the match. The polar bear, the team's mascot, brought out a big cake for Cade, and 20,000 fans congratulated the birthday boy. Judging by the boy's emotions captured on the video, he still can't believe that this is happening to him.

Toronto that daylost in shootouts, but this hardly spoiled Cade's mood, because the hockey players already fulfilled the child's dream.

The NHL team threw a party for the birthday of an 11-year-old fan

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