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The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

The music group Spice Girls is a symbol of the culture of the 90s. The girls' posters hung on the wall of millions of teenagers around the world, including in Russia. They were adored, they wanted to be like them. Experts generally said that they could not remember such popularity among the group since the days of the Beatles themselves.

According to the announcement

The irony is that the girls in the group were actually recruited according to the announcement. When producers Bob and Chris Herbert came up with the idea of ​​creating a girl group, the whole world of show business ridiculed them. No one believed that after the popularity of boy bands like the Backstreet Boys, someone would be able to step into the same river twice with a female band. But the Herbert brothers went all the way: they published an ad in a magazine and surprisingly assembled a talented team.

Victoria Adams, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm were in the original lineup of the group. Jeri Halliwell joined later, with Emma Bunton as the final member. So the Spice Girls gathered, who first conquered the UK, and then the whole world. Unfortunately, the group quickly disintegrated, which does not diminish its legendary status. What has become of the girls from the effective team now?

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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Beckham is the most stylish

Victoria Adams grew up in a wealthy family and even asked her father not to drive her to school on an expensive Rolls Royce, so as not to envy her classmates. In those days, she struggled with being overweight and stressed about her appearance. I even had to do plastic surgery to correct the nose. Victoria herself admitted that she had no friends and was regularly bullied. Everything was changed by watching the musical Fame, after which she realized that she wanted to perform on stage. And after passing the casting, I unexpectedly got into the Spice Girls!

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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Victoria did not have outstanding vocal skills, so after the breakup of the group, she quickly realized that it was better to achieve success in something else. In addition, she has already found a solid portion of happiness by marrying football superstar David Beckham. Let's jump ahead and note that Victoria is the only member of the group who found family happiness on the first try.

Moreover, she managed to build a successful design business. Victoria has always been considered the most stylish member of the Spice Girls. Every girl in the group had a nickname, so Beckham was Chic Pepper. Now Victoria's brand products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world, she publishes successful books and earns even more than a star husband. She is still in great shape and is not losing ground.

By the way, in 2018 the Spice Girls reunited, and Victoria was the only one who refused to return to the stage. Beckham's wife is doing well, so why bother?

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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Halliwell - From Risk of Life to Family Happiness

This redhead girl was the engine of the whole group as soon as she joined the Spice Girls. Her energy has made millions of fans fall in love with herself. Jeri had a solid track record even before joining the team. What she did not do: she worked as a dancer, TV presenter and starred in erotic photo shoots. Once she even kissed Prince Charles and pinched him on the soft spot.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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At the height of the Spice Girls' popularity, Jeri suddenly left the group to pursue a solo career. However, it turned out not as successful as the artist expected. No, she, of course, managed to release hits, but in popularity they were far from the creativity of the Spice Girls. Because of this, the girl faced severe stress, which in turn caused weight gain.

In her attempts to lose weight, Jeri tried to completely refuse food for a long time. At some point, the situation became critical, her friend Robbie Williams forced her to go to the clinic. Doctors literally saved her from death by pulling her out of the world.

Fortunately, heavy times are over. Halliwell successfully married Red Bull Formula 1 Team Leader Christian Horner in 2015 and is doing just fine. Concerts, parenting, successful husband. Jerry is doing great.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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Mel B - scandals and suicide attempt

Her mother is English, and her father is from Saint Kitts and Nevis. Hence such a striking appearance, which, together with musical talent, helped Melanie Brown from childhood to tread the path in show business. At the age of 15, Mel B was already on a scholarship at a music school, so her getting into the Spice Girls was definitely not accidental. But after the breakup of the group, strange things began to happen.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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The girl has a gorgeous voice, but her solo career did not work out at all. Mel B tried hard, but every new song goteven more disastrous than the previous one. However, the singer's personal life became the biggest problem. The first marriage ended in failure, then there were other relationships, which also did not lead to anything good.

But it all turned out to be flowers compared to the relationship with producer Steven Belafonte. Mel B admitted in her autobiography that her husband beat her, because of which she even attempted suicide by taking 200 aspirin tablets. Fortunately, the singer remained alive and gradually returned to normal life. Now the artist can often be seen on the jury of the popular X-Factor show. Admittedly, she looks gorgeous.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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Mel C - From Sports to Clinical Depression

Melanie Chisholm was a professional dancer and drama student before joining the group ... She led an unusually athletic lifestyle, which is why she was called Sporty One. Mel C seemed to be the luckiest of all the girls in the Spice Girls, avoiding scandals. Perhaps for this reason, there hasn't been much coverage in the press.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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After the breakup of the group, Melanie made a great solo career, created many hits that were played on radio and TV. In the late 2000s, she tried her hand at the theater stage, playing in one of the London musicals. And she was also successful!

But few people knew that for many years Mel C was struggling with clinical depression. She was sure that she was not worthy of popularity. It seemed to the girl that she could neither sing nor dance. Low self-esteem forced her to go to extremes: sometimes the artist disappeared in the gym for months, and sometimes she ate everything and gained weight.

Difficulties in my personal life did not add to the positive. I had to go through a long treatment for depression, but individual attacks still torment the singer. Although, judging by how cool Mel C looks now, you can't tell.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

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Emma Bunton is the happiest

Emma was the youngest member of the group, so she got nickname Baby. The producers created an appropriate image for her: braids with bows, bright dresses and a smile that never left her face. Bunton, even before joining the group as a teenager, managed to star in several British TV series. It later helped her become a successful TV and radio host.

The musical 90s: how the Spice Girls have changed

Photo: Getty Images / instagram.com / emmaleebunton

In general, Emma can be safely called the happiest. She did not have a difficult childhood like Victoria Beckham, depression like Mel C, scandalous divorces like Mel B, she was not close to death like Jeri Halliwell. Bunton began dating musician Jade Jones in 1998, married him in 2011 and has two children.

Perhaps the only thing you can find fault with Emma is her love of parties that she used to organize regularly. But which of us is perfect? ​​

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