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The Muscovite was forbidden to run in the park: is it legal?

Moscow resident Konstantin Konovalov said on his Twitter account that a park guard in the city center forbids him to run around the park. The situation was resolved only after the intervention of the media. Now you can run in the park.

On June 8, designer Konstantin Konovalov went for a jog in the Osip Bove Park near Strastnoy Boulevard. The park is a cultural heritage site and is located on the territory of the Moscow City Duma. In this regard, the park is open to the public only on weekends. There is a metal detector and security at the entrance to the park. When Konstantin came to the park for a Saturday run, a security guard approached him and warned him not to run in the park, because it belongs to cultural heritage sites, and running in it is the same as running in a museum.

The next day, the situation repeated itself:

During the next run, on June 12, there were significantly more security guards. They also had complaints about a bottle of water lying on the bench.

The next weekend, the runner was closely watched again.

On June 20, the Moscow 24 TV channel drew attention to the situation. In the story, the head of the Moscow City Duma Committee on Culture Yevgeny Gerasimov says that running in the park it is possible, but the guard, most likely, does not work here anymore.

As Konstantin Konovalov said, after the story in the media, claims to running in the park stopped. Official inquiries, which he sent to the Moscow Mayor's Office and the Moscow City Duma, have not yet been answered.

Lawyer Denis Kostin confirmed that such a ban is illegal, since the park is a public place and you can do anything there that does not contradict the Constitution and legislation.

By the way, there is a similar ban in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg. It is even written into the rules at the entrance to the park.

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