Roger Federer - GQ’s Stylish Man Of The Decade

The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

On December 20, it became known who won the Most Stylish Man of the Decade nomination according to GQ magazine. The honorary title in the fashion industry went to the Swiss tennis player and the third racket of the world Roger Federer . In the final stage, the athlete received 59% of the votes and bypassed American actor Timothy Chalamet. Initially, football player David Beckham, basketball players LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, hip-hop performers Kanye West and A $ AP Rocky also claimed the victory.

We tell you which global brands Roger Federer prefers and why he is really the most stylish .

Technical play and minimalistic style on the court. Nike and Uniqlo

As we once said about Federer, the game of a tennis player can be compared to a Swiss watch. It is accurate, stable and reliable. This is probably why the athlete has a record 20 titles in Grand Slam tournaments and is the champion of 103 ATP games.

Following his numerous victories, Roger received the attention of major sponsors. He has worked with Nike for 20 years and has regularly appeared on court, training and photo shoots in stylish looks from the sports brand.

In the fall of 2018, the tennis world was shocked by the news that Federer's partnership with the company had ended. From that moment on, the Japanese brand Uniqlo became the champion's outfitters. And, admittedly, their tandem looks very impressive.

The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

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The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

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Swiss with a cool watch. Rolex

If you see a watch on Federer's wrist, then know that it is definitely a Rolex. The athlete's partnership with the world's top brand has been going on for many years, and for Roger it means more than just a marketing deal.

Real success in the international arena came to the athlete in 2009, when at Wimbledon Federer broke Pete Sampras' record for the number of victories in Grand Slam tournaments. On the momentous day, the tennis player was wearing a Rolex. He still fondly remembers an important detail of the image.

Outings and photo sessions. Gucci, Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford

Federer can often be seen in the light. He has appeared at events such as Chanel and Versace shows, Academy Awards, Pippa Middleton and James Matthews' wedding, Moët & Chandon parties and, of course, the Met Gala. At the last social meeting in 2017, the athlete came in an unexpected bow from Gucci. The usual tuxedo from the front turned into a catchy cobra made of rhinestones on the back. Roger knows how to surprise.

Though you won't find pictures from photo shoots in the champion's personal Instagram account Federer often agrees to them. In our opinion, one of the most stylish projects is shooting for the March issue of GQ in 2017. On the pages of the magazine, the tennis player appeared in a sophisticated image from Brunello Cucinelli, Brooks Brothers and Valentino. A classic tuxedo, shirt, untied bow tie and a coffee-colored coat over the shoulder complemented ... Nike sneakers. And it turned out great.

The second bow for the same photo session consisted almost entirely of brand clothing Tom Ford. Only the glasses were picked up from Ray-Ban. And with a watch that adds brutality, everything is probably clear - Federer does not change his taste.

The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

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The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

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Not about clothes. Mercedes and Moёt & Chandon

There are two more brands with which the athlete is bound by contracts and personal preferences. Roger uses Mercedes cars in his daily life and seems to be quite happy with it.

The German brand, in turn, supports the tennis player in every possible way: entrusting him with test drives of powerful models, inviting him to shoot advertisements and conferring victories in prestigious awards. For example, at the Laureus World Sports Awards.

Federer became the face of Moёt & Chandon in 2013 and their partnership continues to this day. It is symbolic that the French brand is a sponsor of major tennis and other sporting events, it is also called champagne for the winners. The company has repeatedly organized parties in honor of the Maestro: for the 20th anniversary of his career or for the 100th match in the ATP tour.

Casual style. Convenience is more important than brand

Perhaps if you meet an athlete in real life, you will not distinguish him from an ordinary passerby. Unless he collides with With a racket in your hand, Federer’s everyday style is more about comfort than about an expensive brand.

Not so long ago, the tennis player admitted that he loves to shop for clothes and really enjoys shopping. At the beginning of his career, he was completely unaware of trends and formal style, but now Roger feels equally well in a sports suit and in a business suit. And close people, colleagues and fans are ready to vote for him to be called the most stylish person of the decade.

The most stylish person of the decade. What brands does Roger Federer wear?

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Roger Federer wins Most Stylish of the Decade | Nadal scores Sportsmanship Award

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