Most RIDICULOUSLY Expensive Things Conor McGregor Owns

The man in a million. How much do McGregor's whiskey and suits cost?

The well-known Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor is known not only for his skill to knock out an opponent in 13 seconds, but also for his impeccable taste in clothes. The champion has repeatedly appeared in public in a perfectly fitted three-piece, a Gucci fur coat or a Louis Vuitton shirt. We decided to figure out how much the style icon bows cost?

Like a needle

McGregor does not hide that he loves shopping and is happy to talk about his 10-hour shopping races. His favorite brands include Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermès. However, the fighter prefers to order his famous costumes from the American David August Hale. He has been making clothes since 1989, and in 2003 launched the David August brand in California. Hale's suits cost about 350 thousand rubles, custom-made jackets - about 216 thousand, leather sneakers - 40 thousand.

By the way, Conor has his own collection together with Hale. It features shirts, suits and accessories at affordable prices.

By the way, Conor he also deftly wields his style and can even encrypt messages with it. For example, at one of the press conferences, where McGregor met with rival Floyd Mayweather, he was dressed in a tracksuit, while the Irishman appeared in front of journalists in a classic, tailored to order in an already well-known atelier. But the most interesting thing was in a special secret that kept the pattern of the jacket. Upon closer inspection, the stripe turned out to be an endlessly repeated inscription F ** k you, clearly intended for an opponent. It was a knockout.

Casual style

In the casual wardrobe of the fighter, you can find both plain polos and Hawaiian shirts, which he boldly mixes with classic trousers and English loafers.

The Gucci brand makes up the bulk of his wardrobe.

The athlete has printed caps (about 30 thousand rubles), iconic sneakers and socks with stripes (about 60 thousand), an Olympic jacket from the latest collection (about 80 thousand). He was photographed in a scarf with a teddy bear after the ESPN award (20 thousand rubles).

The man in a million. How much do McGregor's whiskey and suits cost?

Irish whiskey

On clothes businessman Conor Magregor did not stop. As a true Irishman, he couldn't do without whiskey. A month ago, the fighter announced the launch of his own brand of spirits called Proper No.Twelve.

A bottle will costonly $ 25, while you will have the opportunity to contribute to charity - five dollars of this amount will go straight to the account of the first responders in the region where the products are sold.

Of course, the personality of Conor McGregor deserves special attention. But it is worth remembering that his style is not only about clothes. First of all, this is a person who knows how to properly sell himself, his fight and even a bottle of whiskey with the help of shocking.

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