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The main tricks of the bench press to get it right and avoid injury

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises for those seeking to have a beautiful body. He is constantly shown in various films, and in the gym he often has to fight for a free bar. The thing is that such work allows you to work out not only the muscles of the chest, but also the deltas with triceps. It always looks pretty. However, there is a downside behind the popularity of the exercise.

Many people do the bench press incorrectly and try to put more weight on the bar, neglecting the quality of the exercise. Here's how to avoid such mistakes and do everything as efficiently as possible.

The main tricks of the bench press to get it right and avoid injury

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How to work with your chest?

Obviously, during the bench press, the chest muscles are most tense. Making them work is not easy. Many people try to just take a wide grip in order to better press with their chest. However, this leads to a reduction in the range of motion.

What needs to be done is to put the shoulders in a less advantageous position? To do this, it is necessary to take them back, and at the same time bring the shoulder blades together. In this position, the chest muscles stretch and work much more productively.

The main tricks of the bench press to get it right and avoid injury


It is also important to give the muscles maximum load. Do not fully extend your arms at the top. And at the bottom - do not squeeze the barbell tightly to your chest when you lower it. And you certainly shouldn't use your chest like a spring. It is enough to lightly touch and smoothly lift the bar back up.

The importance of the incline

When we talk about the bench press, we usually imagine a horizontal bench without an incline. However, it is very effective to perform this exercise on the surface at a thirty-degree slope. It is clear that you will not be able to take the weight that you take on a regular bench in such hands.

The horizontal press allows you to take more serious kilograms, but it's not just about strength training. In terms of muscle stress, the incline press is considered incredibly useful. Alternate with horizontal and you will see the first results soon.

The main tricks of the bench press to get it right and avoid injury

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How to do the bench press correctly and safely?

When you come to the gym, do not rush directly to the bar . Warm your muscles and joints, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

When you have already started the exercise, try to not pull your pelvis off the bench . Otherwise, the load will be unevenly distributed and there is a chance to injure the lower back.

It is important to observe a simplebreathing technique . Raise the barbell as you exhale, and lower it as you inhale. Don't make any sudden movements. The whole process must go smoothly, otherwise you can break the ligaments in the shoulders.

The main tricks of the bench press to get it right and avoid injury


Try to watch your feet , they should stand firmly on the surface and not stand on their toes. The same goes for the head, which should be firmly pressed against the bench. This will avoid soreness in the neck.

Choose the right weight . Do not rush to large pancakes right away, it is better to gradually add with each workout. Remember that when bench pressing, quality is more important than the number of pounds taken.

And don't do heavy strength training every day . The muscles must have time to rest. If your gym has a pool and sauna, then a swim and steam is the perfect end to a post-bench workout day.

Top 5 common bench press mistakes

While bench press is one of the the most famous exercises and does not seem so difficult, there are a few points that we forget about during training or do not pay attention to them. Russian record-breaking powerlifter Kirill Sarychev spoke about the five most common bench press mistakes on his YouTube channel.

Don't avoid leg workouts

Concentrate on a specific muscle group or a specific exercise, we sometimes completely forget about others. In the case of the bench press, we often neglect leg training, which should never be done. As Kirill notes, strong legs are a reliable support, including when pressing. Therefore, do not neglect squats and swings, even a light, but regular load will ensure a more correct and safer bench press.

Make the right training plan

When you are just starting train, you should not immediately do the maximum exercise in one approach, day, week. In this case, over-zeal can negatively affect your health. In addition, with increasing weight, you will not be able to maintain the set pace, and all efforts can be in vain.

The main tricks of the bench press to get it right and avoid injury

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Soberly assess your strength

Even if you have been practicing bench press for some time, you should not test yourself for strength and test the limit of your own capabilities. Before exercising, try to assess your well-being and the general condition of the body sensibly. Do not put on a weight that you cannot handle, because ultimately this is not the main goal of the exercise.

Follow your technique

In order not to get injured and get the most out of your workout, it is important to remember the correct technique. First, before starting the exercise, firmly fix the position of your body: your legs should be firmly on the floor, your back is tense, your hands are tightly squeezed on the bar. Secondly, when performing the bench press, do not spread your elbows to the sides, try to keep them in one position. If you actively work with your elbows, warns Sarychev, you can get a barbell in the teeth or throat. Third, do not push the weight into yourself, channel the force into a push, or squeeze the bar harder.

Don't be afraid to ask for advice

If you feel like doing something wrong, persisting and trying to deal with the mistake yourself is not always the best option. Lack of theoretical knowledge or experience can play a cruel joke on you. Feel free to ask a trainer or more experienced visitors for advice.

Biggest Tip To Stay Injury Free/Avoid Shoulder Pain While Bench Pressing

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