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The main events of November: where and how to spend the last autumn month

The last autumn month is about to start. We will not slow down and will carry it out as actively as the previous two. Moreover, November turned out to be generous with a variety of competitions and festivals - all that remains is to choose the right ones for you. A breathtaking trail race, the largest sports forum, Art Football matches and other events are in our traditional calendar of events.

TRP Race The Road of Unity

When? November 1-2
Specialized school of the Olympic reserve in skiing, Pargolovo village, St. Petersburg
6 km

Epic racing season doesn't end even in November. Participants in the Path of Unity event will compete in the passage of a difficult track at a time. The distance of the TRP race includes 22 different obstacles. Those wishing to join the competition can register in person or in a team, which should consist of 2-5 people. It is important to take into account that the upcoming race has limitations: only participants aged 18 to 30 will be able to test their strength.

Participation is free. A medical certificate is required.


When? November 2
Where? Slobodino, near Bronnitsy, Moscow region
Distances: 8 km / 23 km / 46 km

Annual Trail Start GERMES: X-CROSS 2019 is an Extreme Field Run and forest paths with fallen trees, mud, ditches, bushes and dense grass. The organizers offer participants to choose a distance according to their strength: S (about 8 km in one circle), L (about 23 km in one circle) and XL (about 46 km in two circles). Compared to last year, all routes have been either partially redesigned or completely renewed, so runners are guaranteed a new experience and an adrenaline rush.

To participate, you need a paid registration and a medical certificate.
More details.

The main events of November: where and how to spend the last autumn month

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Sochi Marathon 2019

When? November 3
Where? Riviera Event Hall, Sochi
Distances: 2 km / 10 km / 21.1 km / 42.2 km

The marathon on the picturesque tracks of the Olympic city is being held for the third time. During this time, the race was repeatedly recognized as the warmest start in Russia. This year, more than 4500 people will be part of a bright sports event, prThey will cover the selected distance at a temperature of '+20' and will even be able to visit the fun After Party. In addition to the standard individual participation, runners have the right to choose the relay format Marathon for two (2x21 km). The event also includes separate children's starts.

By the way, long-distance routes include all the key attractions of Sochi: the Seaport, Kurortny Prospect, Winter Theater, Arboretum, Riviera Park and, of course, the Black Sea coast.

To participate, you need a paid registration and a medical certificate.
More details.

The main events of November: where and how to spend the last autumn month

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The main events of November: where and how to spend the last autumn month

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Art-Football Festival 2019

When? November 3-4
Where? Manezh Spartak / Gradsky Hall, Moscow

Tournament of artistic teams from 16 regions of Russia is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of birth of the legendary Dynamo goalkeeper and the national team Lev Yashin. At the end of the tournament, spectators will enjoy a special gala match between the team of artists and politicians Rosich-Starko and the team of professional Russian and foreign goalkeepers Lev Yashin. It is interesting that each member of the goalkeeper team will take a place at the goal for some time wearing the famous Yashin cap. After the match, a large-scale musical concert will take place at the Gradsky Hall Theater.

Free admission.


When? November 8-10
Where? Park Sokolniki, Moscow

In November, the capital will host a large-scale festival SN PRO EXPO FORUM 2019, dedicated to sports, health and beauty. Everyone will be able to visit the expo zone with sports technologies, equipment and outfit, a food court with healthy products and master classes from world-famous stars. As entertainment, the organizers prepared a spectacular show program, including acrobatic performances in the air, interesting contests and even virtual reality.

The festival will be useful for those who are actively looking for work in the sports field. In a separate area SN PRO CAREER you can find out about open vacancies and find the necessary contacts for career development.

You must purchase a ticket.

Open International Squash Tournament SPB Cup 2019

When? November 22-24
Where? RC club squash club, St. Petersburg

On November 22, the Open International Squash Tournament starts, in which both professionals and amateurs will take part. Over the course of three days, Russian and foreign athletes will face dynamic fights for championship in several categories. The winners and prize-winners of the championship will receive cash and other valuable prizes. The main referee of the tournament is an experienced player Maxim Stuliy.

You can also join as a spectator and support the participants at the sites of the squash club.

To participate, you must fill out an application and make a tournament fee. For spectators, admission is free.
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The main events of November: where and how to spend the last autumn month

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The main events of November: where and how to spend the last autumn month

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Acrobatic Rock & Roll & Boogie World Championship

When? November 23
Where? Megasport Sports Palace, Moscow

At the end of the month, the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sports and Acrobatic Rock and Roll will hold a competition among the best dancers in prestigious disciplines. Spectators will be impressed with complex acrobatic elements, ideally combined with the rhythms of rock and roll and boogie woogie. By visiting the world championship, you will definitely not miss the opportunity to enjoy professional sports that combine technicality, energy of dance, musicality and unrivaled style. Dancing is allowed!

You must purchase a ticket.

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