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The impossible is possible. How to eat fast food and not spoil your figure

What is a dream profession? For some, the best position is a panda hugger in China, while others would like to be a tester of water attractions. Well, many of us have always dreamed of eating a lot and tasty, getting money for it. Kate Owens from Britain managed to make such a desire come true. The food blogger claims that running a food account for her is the perfect job. In such a situation, only one question remains: how does a girl manage to eat a lot and stay in great shape?

Two large pizzas and a steak for speed

Kate Owens became famous not only for her brutal appetite: while she was overweight at only 58 kg, she is able to eat large portions in a short period of time. Also, the girl constantly participates in food challenges, devouring huge hot dogs, steaks, cakes for a bet in a matter of minutes. For example, it took her less than an hour to destroy a steak with a caloric value of 8 thousand kcal - this is several times more than the recommended daily allowance for women. And Kate managed to eat five and a half hot dogs and beat ten competitors in five minutes.

Owens' favorite phrase is - Don't judge a book by its cover. After all, hardly anyone imagines a miniature blonde, talking about so much food consumed.

In one of her YouTube videos, Owens tackled a giant piece of meat in just 18 minutes. According to her, it was the largest steak she has ever seen.

But in the most popular video on her account, Kate mastered two large pizzas in 13 minutes. It took the girl several liters of water to handle that much food.

The impossible is possible. How to eat fast food and not spoil your figure

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The impossible is possible. How to eat fast food and not spoil your figure

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How to become a food blogger?

Diet pushed Kate to her dream job. She tried to lose weight all the time and was constantly hungry. To drown it out, the girl periodically watched the American TV show Man Vs Food, which inspired her to create similar content. In the endeavor, Ovens was supported by her friends. On a culinary challenge in one of the city's eateries, the blogger was the only girl who completed the challenge in 20 minutes. Her friendsand were so impressed with the result that they convinced the British woman to create a page on Facebook.

How many eat and not get fat?

The girl says that she had such an appetite as a child. As she grew older, Kate realized that if she continued to eat so much, she would soon get fat and would fight overweight all her life. She needed training, and the blogger chose running, which still helps her to be in great shape. In addition, Keith maintains her figure by walking about 10 thousand steps a day.

The impossible is possible. How to eat fast food and not spoil your figure

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The impossible is possible. How to eat fast food and not spoil your figure

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Despite the photos of junk food on social networks, Ovens still monitors the diet in free time from filming. The girl exposes not all of her diet to the public. In ordinary life, the British woman prefers fruits and vegetables, but she is in no hurry to share this with her fans.

She also devotes time to yoga. But not just yoga - but training with 7-week-old puppies. A really unusual way!

Besides all this, Kate leads an active lifestyle: she rides alpine skiing, frequent sporting events and working out at the gym.

Kate Owens is an example of how you can stay in shape and occasionally indulge yourself with junk food. It is only important not to forget about exercise, move a lot during the day and remember about the benefits of vegetables and fruits.

The impossible is possible. How to eat fast food and not spoil your figure

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