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The Greeks are to blame: how did the rocking chairs appear?

Modern gyms are ready to offer their visitors maximum comfort during training. They are equipped with numerous machines for all muscle groups, a swimming pool, showers and other perks. We are used to comfortable rooms, however, of course, this was not always the case. The championship learned how and where the first gyms appeared.

The Greeks are to blame: how did the rocking chairs appear?

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Occurrence. Ancient Greece

The history of the first gyms is inextricably linked with Ancient Greece. For the Greeks, physical performance was just as important as mental performance. That is why physical education was included in the curriculum from an early age. The Greek halls were designed to be comfortable to prepare for various sporting events, including, of course, the Olympic Games. It was a separate area with primitive projectiles. Many great Greek philosophers, scientists trained, talked and talked about the need to engage in physical activity, for example Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates. Later, classes became popular in the Roman Empire, but the military was mainly involved in sports.

Revival of ancient ideals

After the fall of the Greco-Roman empire, the ancient halls disappeared, as did the perception of body and soul in a harmonious Greek sense. It took a long time before gyms again became in demand and popular. The teacher Friedrich Ludwig Jan contributed to this. At the beginning of the 19th century, Friedrich Jan opened an open-air sports hall in Germany - Turnplatz. Jan had one reason why he decided on this - the desire to raise the spirit of the people after the defeat in the war with France in 1806. Turnplatz practiced both classical disciplines, such as running, and new ones, such as parallel bars and a gymnastic horse. Later, for his contribution to the development of sports, Jan was nicknamed the father of gymnastics.

A little later, the first gyms began to appear in the UK, USA and other countries. One of the first specialized gyms for sports was the Roper's Gymnasium, which opened in the US in the 1830s.

The Greeks are to blame: how did the rocking chairs appear?

Photo: istockphoto.com

The Swedish doctor Gustav Wilhelm Zander played an equally important role in the development of sports equipment and gyms. Zander himself was often ill in childhood, so he decided to create a simulator that would help people improve their health. In the 1860s, he opened a gym that housed 27 different shells. Each of them helped to develop specific muscle groups.

There was no special equipment at that time for training, so everyone wore casual clothes.

Thanks to Zander, gyms began to open around the world in 1864, and by the end of the 19th century there were about 200 all over the world.

In our country, Zander's case was continued by the doctor Semyon Eingorn. equipment from Sweden and opened its first gym in the early 1900s Among the equipment in Aegon's gym were exercise machines that replaced horse riding, sleeplessness aids, and more.

Business and rocking

A little later, the French gymnast and strongman Hippolyte Triat opened his first hall in Brussels, and then in Paris in the 1840s. Unlike Friedrich Jan's Turnplatz, which were outdoors, the halls of the Triat were huge and covered. train with dumbbells and barbells.In the 1890s in Russia the gym was opened by the athlete Evgeny Sandov. tree, and also mainly engaged in strength training there. The visitors studied under the supervision of Sandov himself or one of the coaches.

It was Sandov that was dubbed by his contemporaries the father of bodybuilding. He was the first in the world to organize a competition for a beautiful physique. Later, such competitions as Mr. Olympia appeared. Sandov contributed to the popularization of a healthy lifestyle. Strongman sold a variety of sports equipment and dietary products. He wrote several books about his training methodology, which was later used by many bodybuilders, including in Russia.

In the middle of the 20th century, the whole world became more interested in bodybuilding (bodybuilding), various competitions were often organized, and new training programs were developed. Russia has become no exception. Due to the increased popularity of bodybuilding, gyms began to open directly for strength training. The first rocking chair in Russia opened in the 60s in St. Petersburg, and then in Moscow and other large cities. However, bodybuilding soon began to be criticized, because of which for some time the athletes had to train in underground gyms - rocking chairs. However, not many women were ready for strength training, so often only men were engaged in gyms. In the XX century, new simulators began to be created and improved, on which it was convenient for women to train. Treadmills appeared in 1952, steppers in 1983, elliptical trainers in 1995. Fitness came to Russia a little later, the first fitness room was opened in 1990 in St. Petersburg.

Today, gyms are no longer just dumbbells and barbells. With the development of new technologies, every year they come up with new equipment, new places for trworkouts and develop unusual types of workouts.

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