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The grandfather of seven grandchildren is mistaken for a 30-year-old. Englishman Wilkinson revealed the secret of youth

Andy Wilkinson from the English city of Coventry has achieved an incredible result in working on himself. He looks 30 years old, although in fact he is almost twice as old - he is already 56. Look at these photos and tell me: does this person seem to have seven grandchildren?

Wilkinson has three children (Claire is 37, Lee is 35 and Sarah is 33). The funny thing is that when walking with his daughters, it seems to others that he is the girls' boyfriend, and not their father. I know that I look much younger than my age and people are often mistaken when looking at me. On vacation, I can walk naked to the waist when my abs are visible. 30-year-old girls start to contact me. Sometimes I am mistaken for my daughter's partner. This is embarrassing. Although friends find it funny when I shock people by the fact that I already have seven grandchildren, ”Andy says.

Wilkinson is constantly approached on Instagram by 20 and 30-year-olds with the question of how to achieve this appearance at 56 years old. According to Andy, he is flattered by such comments, and he replies that it is necessary: ​​

  • sleep a lot in a dark room;
  • reduce carbohydrate intake with age;
  • avoid stress and tell yourself that everything will be fine;
  • exercise no more than three times a week.

Andy made a meal plan.


Medium slice of bread with a slice of salmon, two poached eggs and half an avocado. Then a bowl of chia and flax seeds, which are mixed with blueberries. Plus hemp seeds and a tablespoon of peanut butter with almond milk.


Cajun chicken, two to three tablespoons of rice and broccoli, sometimes with a spoonful of coleslow salad.

Stew of diced chicken, sweet corn and frozen vegetables. Or Thai (or Indian) chicken curry with two tablespoons of rice.

Usually no snacks, but sometimes a handful of almonds (or Brazil nuts) or an apple.


Small bar made of 70% dark chocolate or profiterole.


Three liters of water every day and rarely coffee or a glass of good red wine.

Yes, I drink a lot of water. You can apply all the creams in the world to your face, but water is the most important thing when it comes to good skin, ”says Andy. - As for training, I usually do three times a week for no more than an hour. I find that people sometimes exercise too much and get injured or don't see the results they want. The body needs time to recover.I try to rest at least one day between workouts.

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