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The fourth month of winter as a gift: where to go if frosts return to Moscow?

It's freezing outside, and sometimes it seems that the snow is not going to melt. However, this is not a reason to sit at home all weekend. We have selected several sports activities for you so that you can not only have fun with your close friends, but also have a good time.

This is important: in the coming weekend, the temperature in Moscow may drop to minus 10 degrees. Therefore, when going to the skating rink or the slide, dress using the principle of layering. The first layer is absorbent: a T-shirt or long sleeve made of special sports material. The second layer is a warm sweatshirt. And finally, a down jacket (preferably with a hood).
The fourth month of winter as a gift: where to go if frosts return to Moscow?

Photo: Anastasia Tsymbarevich, Championship

Outdoor pool

Swimming in a hot pool at sub-zero temperatures is now common. Swimming in cold weather has more and more fans in Moscow. So, in the outdoor pool of the Chaika sports center, you can swim in the open air, despite the freezing temperature. Pool water - plus 28.

Action Quests

Action Quests are a new direction in the world of quests, which will easily replace classes in gyms. Now you can not only solve intellectual problems, but also take part in sports competitions of various levels. In action quests, you need to complete tasks for agility, speed and strength, as well as solve the riddles that you meet on the way. A good example of this type of quest is the dynamic Terminal from CityQuest. In sports quests, the main thing is not to forget to take a sports form, because you will have to run a lot.

There are also quests with airsoft elements. For example, the horror quest Big Game. Here you can play your favorite game and at the same time save the world from zombies.


Tubing (or cheesecake) is an inflatable sled that is gaining popularity among people of all ages. Many parks in Moscow already have special trails for tubing. For example, one of the most ambitious slides - Vsepogorka can be mastered in Sokolniki, there is a similar one in the Kant sports complex.

Laser tag games

Laser tag (laser battle) is a game taking place in real time, where the main goal is to hit the opponent with a blaster machine. Laser tag game is similar to paintball, but now you need to shoot at your opponent not with paints, but with laser beams. Every year in Moscow there are more and more sites for playing laser tag. One of the most popular is in the shooting clubLabyrinth. The total area of ​​gaming halls in the club is 12,000 square meters. meters. Most importantly, you can take your children with you. There are also several types of rooms for games: small, large and, if you wish, you can organize games on the street.

Ski Resorts

At the end of the day, you can do something classic, like skiing or snowboarding. There are several large ski resorts in Moscow where you can actively spend your free time with the whole family. For example, in the Lata Track sports complex in Krylatskoye. The complex has a snowboard park, ski slopes, as well as tubing trails and a bike path.

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