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The fat man's diary. Record number 2: will I have time to lose weight by the summer?

My name is Dima, and I continue to publicly lose weight as part of the Championship project. Lifestyle. My task is not only to get myself in shape for the summer, but also to irrevocably become, if not an athlete, then a sports guy without shortness of breath from overcoming several floors. In the first article, I shared my feelings after bioimpedance analysis. Never before have I had to get to know my body so closely. If you decide to get serious about yourself, this is the best start.

The fat man's diary. Record number 2: will I have time to lose weight by the summer?

Hi, my name is Dima and I'm fat. How to pull yourself together and lose weight?

Not only for the summer, but for life. Editorial Draft Championship. Lifestyle.

New motivation - there is definitely no turning back

Before I move on to talk about my classes with a coach, I can't help but share a few thoughts. Two weeks have passed since the first material. They incorporated in themselves a number of moments that told me: There is no turning back. Here's my motivation for not giving up.

  • Publicity imposes obligations. All my environment now knows what I do in my spare time. Many believe in success and wish you luck. I really don't want to be idle talk in the eyes of relatives and readers who can follow my example.
  • Don't want to lose progress. With the right approach, a beginner can notice progress almost immediately. We become a little more mobile, a little more enduring, we spend our time on this. It is an incredible thrill when you feel pleasant muscle fatigue after exercise. It's like you are moving to a new level in the game. And I really want to get to the main boss.
  • Accidents force me to gather my strength even more. Before the next lesson in the gym, I lost my bag with my uniform, sneakers and some documents in public transport. I was angry with myself, depressed, but then I looked at the incident differently: let it be a kind of mercy to fate. Yes, I want to lose heart, but why? Found old sneakers and shorts, a regular T-shirt and the next morning was already sweating with ropes in hand.
The fat man's diary. Record number 2: will I have time to lose weight by the summer?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Sports every day

If you reduce the entire program to simple things, then there are two secrets of success - nutrition and activity . One of the upcoming materials will be devoted to the menu and new discoveries in food. Now only about the activity. I divided it into two parts: everyday and sports. Thanks to a smartwatch (and previously a fitness tracker), every day can be viewed from the position of numbers. Every day I play a game with myself where I have to score at least 10, or even better, more than 12 thousand points (steps). And this is without taking into account the exercises in the gym.

12,000 steps

Everything is simple with everyday activities. Prefer the stairs to the elevator, walk to public transport. Take every opportunity to be not only active, but also useful: walking animals, helping colleagues at work with the transfer of papers, etc. etc. Don't even shoot the track at homeR. Going to the kitchen or bath will earn you extra points. If you don't have special devices, then any smartphone will be enough. Many already have a pedometer preinstalled. If not, then downloading will not be a big problem.

Make changes gradually. Add useful innovations to your habits. I do not smoke, so during work I could not leave the office at all. Now a short walk to the place of lunch or just with colleagues is an invariable attribute of my day. Fortunately, in spring and summer it is much more pleasant outside. You yourself will not notice how you will easily take 12 thousand steps.

Why make mistakes when you can immediately learn how to do everything right?

If everything is clear with everyday activity, then the opening may await you in the hall. An important point - from my own experience, I still strongly recommend that you immediately contact a coach. A competent specialist will help:

  • adapting to the hall and its capabilities,
  • in a visual demonstration of the correct use of simulators,
  • in compiling a program, based on the current state and the final goal,
  • in safety and motivation.

For two weeks now I have been doing Crocus Fitness on Zemlyanoy Val. My coach's name is Yaroslav Brazhnikov . And this is a mega-experienced specialist, participant and prize-winner of many competitions, champion of Russia in acrobatics and one of the heroes of the Russian Ninja show. Here's his story:

We train three times a week. These are two strength training and one functional training. I do cardio, but optional and without a coach. Therefore, the number of workouts in the gym can reach 4-5 within 7 days. Now we are working with the coach at the base. We use all the muscles. My body gradually gets used to the stress.

If I were to train in the gym without the advice of a coach, I would start with a warm-up. And rightly so, you need to prepare yourself for the lesson. However, I would start with the head and go down smoothly, doing the well-known exercises: head turns, rotation of the joints of the arms and legs, jerks with hands, bends and squats. There is nothing wrong with this kind of warm-up, but it takes at least 10 minutes. In the classroom, I was advised to pre-speech.

The newfangled term hides a stretch. Muscles relax, become elastic, and blood circulation improves. Everything will take 2-3 minutes, no more.

But before class, especially when losing weight, you should choose an ellipse. The ellipse should be given 7-10 minutes. Grasp the movable levers with your hands, select the optimal resistance (I have 5), put your foot with your whole foot, not just your toes, and most importantly, watch your pulse. In my case, it is optimal to keep the range of 110-120 strokes for warm-up. Do not forget that our task is to prepare ourselves for the exercises, and not to spend all our strength in the first half hour. The load must be distributed wisely. There is nothing counter to the warm-up on the track.onnogo. But if you're overweight, don't run. It can harm the joints of the legs. The same 7-10 minutes of walking at a steady pace at a slight angle is enough.

Basis - Functional Training

Functional and strength training consists of several series. Each episode has 4 supersets.

Superset is the sequential execution of two (or more) different exercises without rest between them.

In my superset there are 3-4 exercises and 12-15 repetitions each. The break between supersets is no more than a minute. Further, the break will gradually decrease, and the load will gradually increase. I will definitely return to strength training and cardio in future articles. Now I will dwell on functional ones in more detail.

During functional training, muscles are worked out throughout the body. It makes it easier to learn new exercises and easier to acquire skills. One of the supersets of my functional workout consists of TRX, squats on unstable surfaces with a medball, push-ups with one arm on the step and an electric sled trainer.

The TRX is an overhead trainer that uses a person's weight as weights. They simultaneously train and develop strength, flexibility, vestibular apparatus and elasticity of the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint.
  • Squats on an unstable surface with a medicine ball develop coordination, stabilizing muscles and increase the load on the gluteal muscles.
  • Push-ups with one hand on the step create an imbalance in the distribution of forces in the hands. They are done on the arms in shifts and allow you to use the main muscle groups, and especially the muscles of the arms, chest and abs.
  • The electric sleigh trainer was a real discovery for me. No, it does not need to be moved from place to place like a classic sled. This device may somewhat resemble a treadmill, but it is driven by the legs in motion. Set up resistance, put your hands on and run as fast as you can. Each approach lasted 30 seconds. During sled training, almost all muscles are involved. This is how explosive strength is trained.
  • After all the exercises, a cool down is important. We're back to the ellipse, but now our heart rate should be back to normal. Keep it around 110 beats. Do not relax too much, but do not exceed the maximum pulse.

It turns out that you don't have to die in the gym

At the time of writing this article, we had already had five lessons. During this not very long time, I realized several important things.

  • Broaden your horizons , go beyond someone else's or old experience. Not only a beginner, but also quite an experienced visitor of fitness clubs conducts their classes according to clear and convenient patterns. We have basic knowledge based on past experience, articles and videos on the Internet, chatting with friends or physical education lessonstours at school. Get out of the comfort zone of your favorite exercises, gain new experiences.
  • And pay attention to the exercises you hate. I've always avoided the bar and push-ups. But the coach cannot say: I do not know how / I do not like to do this, therefore I will not. It is precisely the exercises you don't like that you should pay close attention. Especially if they have to help achieve the goal. For example, on a horizontal bar I pull up with a green elastic band on which I put my feet. Color determines the level of hardness, which means resistance. And green is still not so easy, but quite convenient.
  • Don't squeeze yourself out completely. One of the main discoveries. I used to languish on an ellipse, exhausting my body as much as possible while running. I believed that it is advisable to go to training every day and just crawl out of the hall at the end. Of course, this is wrong. In another, the truth is appropriate - everything has its own measure, everything has its time. You need to sweat, you need to get tired, but not die! Listen to Zemfira.

Preliminary summary

And now the preliminary results. Two weeks ago, I weighed 96 kg, and my waist was 119 cm. I lost a little and weigh 95.6 kg. I would like to believe that this is due to muscle gain. At the same time, the waist has decreased by 4 cm. And these are the most pleasant numbers. All measurements I take in the morning on an empty stomach and once a week. More often it makes no sense, the dynamics will be different. The beginning is cheerful! We are working on.

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