How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training

The editors are trying: preparing for the first triathlon start

Who will benefit from triathlon training: those who want to improve the quality of their body, lose weight, become stronger, more enduring, prepare for participation in competitions.

What for training is directed: today we are performing a kind of test in order to understand the capabilities of the body. In general, triathlon training is a complex of physical activities, including: swimming, cycling, running, functional and strength training, stretching.

Difficulty level : our today's lesson we rated 8 out of 10.

The editors are trying: preparing for the first triathlon start

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

14:01. We start our workout right in the pool. Victoria invites me to swim in one direction in any convenient style. This is necessary in order to understand how long it will take and at what pace it is comfortable for me to swim.

What is triathlon in the very form in which we will do it today ?
Viktoria Shubina, Head of Triathlon, World Class Clubs: This is one of the options for training format in a fitness club. Indoortriathlon is an opportunity to perform a sequence of classic competitive elements (swimming, cycling, running) in standard conditions. It is safe, and for this you do not need complex expensive equipment: a bicycle, a wetsuit.

14:10. It turned out that in order to swim faster, you need to breathe like professional swimmers (!). That is, inhale air when raising the head and exhale air, lowering the head into the water. This advice from the trainer at the very beginning helps me to significantly increase my speed and facilitate the process itself.

What goals do people who start triathlon set themselves?
... From trying something new, building ... and ending with the desire to get to the Ironman World Championship in Kona!

Today we are doing a triathlon test. What does it usually include?
We will go through one of the variants of the Indoortriathlon competition, which includes 10 minutes of swimming + 30 minutes of cycling + 20 minutes of running. The distances that will be covered during this time are summed up, and the one who covered the greater distance wins the competition. In our version, we use coefficients: we multiply swimming by 10 and running by 4, so that swimming and running have more weight in competitions.

The editors are trying: preparing for the first triathlon start

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

14:20. My task today is to swim for 10 minutes. At the same time, it is conditionally necessary to divide this into three stages: for the first five minutes, swim at your own pace, then accelerate a little and, if you still have strength, perform the final spurt in the last five minutes. At the moment, the most difficult thing for me is getting used to the water. Workouts in the gym and intensive in the pool are fundamentally different from each other. Especially if you are usually in the waterand are accustomed to relaxing and soaking after group fitness.

What conclusions can be drawn after a test training?
It will show the current capabilities of your body. This is neither bad nor good, this is the fact from which further planning of the training process begins, and the growth of your functional capabilities. 10 points to you for getting up and coming ... this step is perhaps the most difficult for many. Therefore, I am proud of you!

What style to swim in the pool is less energy-consuming?
The fastest and at the same time economical style is the crawl. Therefore, the vast majority of triathletes master and improve this particular swimming style. Today we saw different breaststroke variations (head over water, head down and backstroke). When we start the training process, we will slowly master the crawl. The main recommendations that I voiced today: do not start quickly.

14:35. I have only five minutes to change clothes, which I have, like a real lady, gradually turn into 15. I leave the locker room and think that in the article I will write it off as inexperience.

Ideally, how long does it take to go from pool to gym?
The transition from one type to another is called a transit zone. In a competition, you would have only five minutes. If you were late, your competitors would have left earlier. So in order not to give an extra head start, it is better to hurry.

The editors are trying: preparing for the first triathlon start

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

What is unique about the stationary bike I train on? And why even professional triathletes prefer it?
This is the Wattbike trainer - the only one that can teach you how to pedal correctly. It also shows power and speed. All these data help to significantly increase the effectiveness of training. This is an ideal simulator for the winter period, when training is impossible in combat conditions (outdoors).

14:50. The most difficult thing in training on a bicycle for me was the realization that that ahead of a long 30 minutes. It turned out that on the simulator itself, you can select different pictures. I chose: and now I am watching the intensity with which my right and left feet press on the pedals. Victoria says that in professional triathletes this picture is stable and in fact static.

What should you pay attention to when passing a distance on a bicycle?
distance, as well as speed. For amateurs, it is slightly lower than for professionals - about 80-90 rpm. In the training process, sports tests are carried out in running, swimming and cycling. This data is used to measure progress and is used to plan the course.

The editors are trying: preparing for the first triathlon start

Photo: Alexander Safonov, Championship

What drinking regimen is worthadhere to during training? Does the drinking regime depend on the goal that a person has set for himself?
The longer the distance, the more important it is for the body to have enough food and water. Also, the amount of water depends on the temperature regime (hot / cold). I recommend drinking small amounts and more often. Do not wait until you feel intense thirst - these are the first signs of dehydration, and dehydration slows down the speed and increases the recovery period.

15:00. What to hide, in As a goal in my questionnaire, I indicated - to improve the quality of the body, but, like any girl, I would not mind losing weight. Therefore, during training I drink a lot, more precisely, I drink often and a little.

What to do if at the end of the strength to run is completely gone? How to correctly calculate your strength on the track?
This means that the forces in swimming and cycling were calculated incorrectly. But I repeat that doing it right without having such experience before is a very difficult task. In this case, you need to reduce the intensity, perhaps even to the step. Allow the body to recover a little and later slowly go back to its own pace.

15:20. And then I realized that the real challenge is still ahead. That feeling when after the bike you barely got up, and here it is not that you can go home, there are still 20 (!) Minutes on the track. The coach sets the standard speed for beginners - 9.4 km / h. For my first workout, it turned out to be a bit overwhelming, so I was allowed to reduce the speed.

How many workouts per week is it optimal to choose when preparing for a triathlon start?
It all depends on the goal. The larger the goal, the longer the distance you prepare, the more time you need to prepare. But in general, I very rarely put more than five training days in the plan. Because I believe that recovery is an equally important element of the training process. For example, for such a start, which we tried today, three training days a week are enough.

15:35. An important component of triathlon is that your result walked upward. So for the last five minutes I have been gradually increasing my speed. This is not easy, but with every second you start to get more and more thrilled with what you do. And your body somehow agrees with you, pulling up the forces that are running out.

The editors are trying: preparing for the first triathlon start

Photo: Alexander Safonov , Championship

When can I see the first result?
So, the result of my first training day: swimming - 300 m / 3000 m (taking into account the coefficient), bicycle - 13 550 m, running - 2320 m / 9280 m (taking into account the coefficient). Total: 25,830 meters. We'll repeat it in a couple of months and see!

16:00. I realize, albeit with difficulty, what distance I covered today. The coach advises to eat carbohydrates to restore balance in the body. There will be two news at the end of the article. First good news: I advise everyone who is tired of standard fitness, who is looking for an opportunity to become stronger and stronger, to learn about the limitless possibilities of your body, to try triathlon in a gym. And also for those who are already tired of feeling sorry for themselves and are ready to make a powerful leap under the careful guidance of a coach.

Second good news: with the light hand of our amazing coach I decided to set myself a goal - to try to prepare for the first triathlon start in my life. You can definitely read what will come of this in our #revision_tries section. Get inspired by our experiments and rise to the challenge! And I will go to recuperate before the next workout .

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