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The editors are trying: features of functional training

If you have long dreamed of achieving flexibility and grace in your body, to accustom your body to endurance, it is not necessary to sign up for several different workouts. If so, you should learn more about the basics of functional training. In order to understand how consistent basic exercises and alternating loads can lead you to results, we went to workout Genius Body in the network of fitness clubs X-Fit.

The editors are trying: features of functional training

Photo: Anastasia Tsymbarevich, “Championship”

Exercise in the photo : knees are on the floor shoulder-width apart, legs behind smooth. Having placed our hand behind our head, we turn in different directions in turn, changing the supporting hand. Attention! While doing this exercise, make sure that your back is straight and your hips remain in place.

Why do you need functional training?

Ruslan Panov, expert methodologist and coordinator of group programs of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit : “Exercises that are practiced during training help us maintain balance in everyday life. They temper our bodies. For example, if you slip and start to fall, then trained muscles and developed stabilizers will help you quickly pull yourself together and avoid unpleasant injuries. And so in everything. ”

Who is functional training for?

“ It doesn't matter what level you have. Functional training is useful for both beginners and professionals. It all depends on the goals you want to achieve. For some, it is important to restore the body after an injury, while others want to maintain posture or, perhaps, lose weight. ”

The editors are trying: features of functional training

Photo: Anastasia Tsymbarevich, “Championship”

Exercise in the photo : the well-known and beloved plank. Watch the position of your hips: they should not go lower or rise above the level of the back. Increase the load gradually. Don't start with a long bar right away.

Who can do functional training?

“You can start using this technique at any time. Completely different people come to us: both 18-19 years old and already elderly. In general, now there is such a trend in fitness, when age restrictions are erased. If you feel like it, then you come and try. ”

Additional equipment

“ You can practice without weights or equipment, but their presence certainly contributes to the fastest growth of progress. In addition to the basic and familiar of all simulators, these can be the currently available and popular TRX loops, the U-9 chain, ViPR and the COR board. With them, loads are obtained much more efficiently. ”

The editors are trying: features of functional training

Photo: Anastasia Tsymbarevich,“ Championship ”

Exercise in the photo : After exercising on the back, it is recommended to stretch it. To do this, stretch your arms and legs and bend your shoulder blades.

How many times a week do you do functional training? Are there any restrictions?

“Which one is convenient for you. Two workouts a week will be fine. Functional training does not require as much recovery as strength training. One day is enough for recovery.
Thanks to functional training, the body becomes more flexible and physically perfect. As I said, it is based on exercises that mimic our daily movements. Muscles work in the way they are used to, so the risk of injury and tension is significantly reduced. This makes training more effective. All muscles are involved in the work of the body, especially those that are responsible for the stability and balance of our movements. This helps to develop endurance, agility and coordination. ”

Important: It is important to keep an eye on the position of your legs, arms and back during exercise. Such control over the body is necessary for the load to be distributed correctly.
The editors are trying: features of functional training

Photo: Anastasia Tsymbarevich, “Championship”

Photo Exercise : Take a lying position. Turn in different directions, alternately changing your supporting hand. The raised hand should be in line with the supporting arm. The feet lie on the lateral surfaces. Do not forget that your back should be straight and your abs should be tense.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Conclusion : I advise you to try a functional one at least once. training. Genius Body is the author's workout of the expert of the X-Fit network Ruslan Panov. To a beginner, it may seem really difficult and sometimes even impossible, but over time, I'm sure you will get a taste. Remember that training with the right emphasis on all muscle groups is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep yourself and your body in top physical shape.

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