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The editors are trying. Chinese qigong gymnastics on guard of your health

Chinese gymnastics Qigong has long established itself as an effective way to maintain vitality and improve health. But unlike the yoga we are already used to, finding qigong in the schedule of studios and fitness clubs is quite difficult. One of the reasons, in my opinion, is the fact that Chinese gymnastics itself is something very personal, chamber, and it is very difficult to imagine that behind the wall during qigong practice a dozen girls are doing aerobics accompanied by cheerful music.

The editors are trying. Chinese qigong gymnastics on guard of your health

Photo: Maria Tyagunova, Championship

But, as they say, those who are looking will always find! So without thinking twice, one early Friday morning we went in search of our spiritual “I” in a small and very cozy studio Mind Body Studio by World Class on Chistye Prudy .

What is Qigong?

Qigong is not just gymnastics, it is centuries-old traditions that formed the basis of modern practices. In scientific terms, such training is a holistic system aimed at maintaining health. The technique includes not only gymnastics itself, but also breathing exercises, as well as meditation.

The editors are trying. Chinese qigong gymnastics on guard of your health

Photo: Maria Tyagunova, Championship

The word qigong itself consists of two components: Qi - the flow of energy, life force, the foundation on which all Chinese philosophy is built and Gong - work, achievement. It turns out that Qigong can be translated as working with your energy flow, your life force.

Historical Background

The Qigong system grew out of Chinese traditional medicine and was influenced by various religions, including Taoism and Confucianism. Over time, the emphasis in practice has shifted from traditional philosophy and culture to health benefits, medical and martial arts applications.

Subtleties. What is Qigong?

External Qigong can be divided into two directions:

- Static Qigong - maintaining motionless postures in which a person relaxes, meditates, performs breathing exercises.

- Dynamic Qigong is exercises and self-massage elements.

Advice: in the book of Qigong. The history, theory, practice, written by the qigong master Ma Jiren and the orientalist May Bogachikhin, reveal the peculiarities of philosophy, gymnastics and breathing exercises. The book will be useful for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
The editors are trying. Chinese qigong gymnastics on guard of your health

Photo: Maria Tyagunova, Championship

Who is Qigong for? Action Tips

Qigong training is a kind of meditation that allows you to calm your thoughts, relax your muscles and get rid of stress, which, in turn, has a positive effect on your mood and health. The main and, perhaps, the most interesting for a beginner, the difference between qigong gymnastics and yoga is that you havethere is no need to have a good stretch. Even people with disabilities in the musculoskeletal system can perform elements of Chinese gymnastics. Qigong has practically no contraindications and is suitable for:

Development of concentration. Constant concentration on the movements affects the work of the brain, teaching it to attention and awareness.

Alignment of posture. Due to the raising of the arms, the spine is stretched. Side-to-side turns and bends develop flexibility of the back and lumbar region in particular.

The editors are trying. Chinese qigong gymnastics on guard of your health

Photo: Maria Tyagunova, Championship

Relieving stress and emotional fatigue. During the lessons, great attention is paid to meditation. You need to fully concentrate on the practice, and if there are third-party thoughts, take a break, calm them down, and only then continue.

Recovery from trauma. Qigong movements are smooth and light, can be used as a “fasting day” in between intense workouts.

Morning workouts

The very idea of ​​morning practice, but what is really there, if we speak a little less philosophically, even ordinary morning workouts is simple and thus ingenious. At the same time, it does not require anything special from you. Lying, of course, requires tremendous willpower and a sincere desire to increase your productivity throughout the day. Many studio workouts on Chistye Prudy begin early in the morning. For example, qigong, yoga or Pilates can be visited on a regular weekday, starting at 8:00. The feeling that the day has just begun and that you have already done so much for your body and health is priceless!

Marat Kalmurzaev, director of the Mind Body Studio by World Class, traumatologist-orthopedist: “In our studio there are many trainings that are tied to a specific time. For example, Qigong is effective in the morning. Morning workouts should energize the whole day, so they are more motivating, in the evening the emphasis is on relaxation. ”

The advantages of the studio format

There are hardly any of our readers who have read material, they will consciously decide to buy an annual subscription to the gym, solely for the sake of Qigong practice. Indeed, Chinese gymnastics is what you need to try: make contact with a coach, feel the philosophy and atmosphere, at least sign up for a class and understand if this direction suits you. In this regard, the studio format is very convenient: you do not need to buy an expensive subscription and thereby impose a number of obligations on yourself, you have a unique opportunity to join any Mind Body workout and pay exclusively for the lesson you attend. This is a great opportunity to treat your morning workout as a reward, as a way to unload your body after a hard week of work or intense strength in the gym.

Marat Kalmurzaev, Manager of the Mind Body Studio by World Class, traumatologist-orthopedist: “Many train with us 2-3 times a week, some more often, some less. All Mind Body programs are some kind of body training. It's all about what effect you want. You yourself understand that if we want to learn a foreign language, then we need to practice regularly, the same thing happens with our body. By analogy with school or college, the more often we go to training, the sooner we can train our body in mindfulness and new movements. ”

The editors are trying. Chinese qigong gymnastics on guard of your health

Photo: Maria Tyagunova, Championship

Checklist of equipment before training

- It is not necessary to take sneakers, since the lesson is held barefoot;

- If you are afraid of freezing, you can take with you light socks with a rubberized, non-slip sole;

- Slates or slippers to get from the locker room to the hall;

- Comfortable T-shirt;

- Sports bra (for girls);

- Shorts, leggings or sweatpants to choose from (equipment should be comfortable and not restrict movement).

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Conclusion: you do not have to love Qigong, but you must try it. It's not difficult, it's interesting. I advise you to start exploring Qigong in the company of a coach, since only he can look at you from the outside and point out possible mistakes in time. As for the effect, after the lesson I really got a surge of positive energy and, as it seemed to me, I began to understand a little better the Chinese businessmen who have been using this practice for a long time instead of our usual morning exercises.

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