Bruce Lee's Nutrition Rules: Critical Review Of 8 Dietary Rules

The dragon diet: 8 nutritional rules that Bruce Lee followed

Bruce Lee had a perfect body - muscles and, it seems, not a drop of fat under the skin. The great master of Chinese martial arts has achieved this result thanks to grueling training and a strict diet plan. Over time, Lee developed his own diet, experimenting with Chinese food and recipes from bodybuilding magazines. We share with you the rules of making a diet from the legend of Hollywood.

Rule number 1. No starchy foods

Part of the wrestler's nutritional philosophy was to keep out empty calories that could negatively affect the body and body shape. Lee, of course, sometimes allowed himself flour products, but he did it extremely rarely and most often on a visit, where it was impossible to refuse the owners.

The dragon diet: 8 nutritional rules that Bruce Lee followed

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Rule # 2. Minimum Dairy Products

Bruce Lee is said to have not consumed any dairy products, and instead of whole milk for protein shakes used powdered milk.

Rule # 3 ... Do smaller portions, but eat more often

This advice, along with the actor, is given by many nutritionists. When you eat a little, but often, the body does not have time to store fat in reserve. Bruce ate five times a day and had fruit snacks between meals.

The dragon diet: 8 nutritional rules that Bruce Lee followed

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Rule # 4. Eat protein shakes

Lee experimented with shakes because he just loved them very much. His drinks have always been based on powdered milk, eggs, peanut butter, bananas, brewer's yeast, and wheat germ.

Rule # 5. Don't avoid food additives

Vitamins C and E, bee pollen, rosehip syrup, acerola and lecithin have always been on the fighter's menu. But the set of nutritional supplements is individual, so before purchasing cans, you should consult with your doctor and find out what your body is lacking.

Rule # 6. Eat honey and ginseng

Bruce Lee used these foods to recharge the body with vitamins. And honey and ginseng are extremely useful for maintaining immunity, which is especially important now.

Rule # 7. Don't forget about carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates are a universal source of energy. During training, a lot of forces and resources of our body are consumed, so they must be replenished.

The dragon diet: 8 nutritional rules that Bruce Lee followed

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Rule # 8. Take a closer look at Chinese cuisine

Here, of course, it is an individual matter, but, according to the Hollywood star, there is a lot of healthy food rich in protein in Chinese cuisine. For example, tofu cheese. And you can't say that Bruce's opinion is unfounded.

Bruce Lee Diet Rules Revealed (With Sound)

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