What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Carbs

The coach answers: what happens if you give up gluten, milk and meat?

The expert of the Championship, a wellness coach Andrey Semeshov tells.

I have a good friend who occasionally advises on how to lose weight quickly and which dumbbell is better to lift ?. He read on my Instagram about the attitude to the fashion for gluten free and said that here I am one hundred percent mistaken and behind the times. When asked why did you decide so? the answer was, as expected: I've given up gluten, and I have excellent results !.

At first, I wanted to explain that he lost weight because by a volitional decision he threw out the lion's share of food from the diet, but the fact that appeared as a replacement, in terms of calorie content it did not reach the previous values. That is, everything is trite - I removed the extra calories and began to lose weight. And then a chain reaction starts. The first results motivate, there is a desire to achieve more, a gym membership is bought. And here I’m going in with my boring mathematics. What for? In general, there is little harm in giving up gluten, provided that the diet is generally balanced.

It's like with that notorious milk, from which all those who lose weight have terrible edema. Therefore, on a diet - no cottage cheese and cappuccino. And even though there is not a single case when a person was really flooded with water from a pack of cottage cheese and a glass of milk to an official medical diagnosis. Yes, if you are a bodybuilder or fitness bikinist on a hard carbohydrate, then, of course, water from milk-containing products will flood. It's just that there is exactly zero glycogen in the body (and all carbohydrates are processed into it in the end), and then suddenly there is such a gift - lactose (milk sugar, the same carbohydrate). And one glycogen molecule will immediately begin to hold three water molecules around itself. So this notorious pours from the milk appears.

The coach answers: what happens if you give up gluten, milk and meat?

Well, if in the morning you don't go on stage in your shorts before the judges, but perhaps to mirror in the bedroom, what's the difference - pulled a little water under your skin or not? Well this does not apply to fat deposition in any way. But - everywhere there is a strict recommendation to remove milk. Once I asked a friend of a fitness lady, who has long and very successfully conducted Instagram weight loss, why she exposes such a condition to her wards. It turned out that everything is very simple. The girls see that yesterday the press was peeped through, and this morning it disappeared. This is very demotivating for many, and they break down.
If this really upsets someone so much, then, probably, rejection of dairy products can be justified. Only for the level of calcium I would advise you to look closely.

But I'm still talking about safe options for fitness myths. Sometimes it is much sadder. The BBC released a short story about a 20-year-old girl, Rebecca, who tried to lose weight at the age of 11 and eventually became a vegan. And by no means for ethical reasons, but only in order to hide your eating disorder. Having a diagnosis of anorexia in her medical record, she hid her inability to deal with nutrition on her own under the guise of vegetarianism. HappyWell, doctors helped her on time. And now she realizes that the experience of such a vegetarianism was a big mistake. The British Eating Disorders Society notes that the case of Rebecca is most likely not an isolated one. With this trick, people are trying to give their wild versions of restrictive diets a more or less socially acceptable status. Even the British Vegan Society agrees that many people are starting to ditch animal products to hide their eating disorders and are using vegetarianism as a cover.

The coach answers: what happens if you give up gluten, milk and meat?

Creating us omnivores, nature did not assume that one day it would occur to someone to voluntarily abandon such universalism. Therefore, such a drastic change in eating habits should be a really deliberate decision. Vegetarianism automatically implies a much greater emphasis on menu design to make up for those elements that are dropped by cutting out meat. When the proud I am a vegan is only chasing a dream figure, the consequences can be very, very sad.

So fashion is not the same. And if a chain coffee shop menu page with a bunch of high-calorie desserts labeled fitness and gluten-free raises a smile, other experiments may not be so comical.

Take care of yourself and use common sense!

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