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The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

Today #CoachAnswers to one of the most popular questions - how to pump endurance. World Class elite trainer Anton Kotov .

Very often people exercising in the gym forget about such an important thing as training their cardiovascular system (CCC). But our well-being and progress in training will depend on how our heart works. It can even be said that the physical health of the organism can be determined by the performance of the CVS. If you understand that walking for 10 minutes or climbing to the second floor is accompanied by the appearance of shortness of breath, then this is a sure sign to start paying attention to cardiac muscle training.

Such training is most often associated with the development of endurance. And there is. Your endurance, “household” including, will grow thanks to classes. This will be accompanied by an improvement in well-being and mood, a feeling of lightness, you can be more efficient and do more.

We will look at three ways: cyclic aerobic training, circuit training and high-intensity interval training. In the fitness community, such activities are often called "cardio". There is logic in this, translated from Latin, cardio means the heart, which we train first of all.

The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

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Cyclic aerobic workouts

In such workouts, we are talking about performing a repetitive movement for a certain interval of time. It is worth noting that the goal of any endurance exercise will be to achieve and maintain a certain heart rate. Examples include walking on a treadmill, running, working on an elliptical trainer or any other cardio equipment.

The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

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If you are just starting to exercise, then I recommend starting with 20 minutes of sessions with a heart rate of 50-65% of the maximum. The maximum heart rate is determined by the formula max = 220 - age. Gradually, as you get used to the exercises, the duration and intensity of the workout can be increased.

Running should be said separately. Perhaps this is the most accessible type of activity. However, in some cases, it can do more harm than good. For example, if you are overweight, you may want to postpone your jogging until it returns to normal, as this can negatively affect your spine and knee joints. Also, if during exercise your heart rate rises to 80-90% of the maximum, you should first prepare your body for such workouts, replacing running with brisk walking. Despite the fact that running is completely natural forI of our body as movement, there are many nuances of technology that need to be learned. And here, of course, a qualified trainer will come to your aid.

The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

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Circular training

For those who do not like to do monotonous, monotonous work, this option will be most preferable. This training consists of performing 3-6 circles, consisting of 6-15 exercises. They are performed in a row with a minimum rest time. Exercises can be selected for both strength and functional orientation, and the time of work and rest can be regulated by intervals: for example, work - 45 seconds, rest - 15 seconds.

The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

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Intense Abdominal Circuit

High Intensity Interval Training

Third the method is ideal for those who are limited in time, but it requires some preparation and is definitely not suitable for beginners. High-intensity interval training can be practiced by people with intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Its meaning lies in the alternation of intervals of work with high and low intensity. They are selected depending on the goals of the lesson. For example, we might consider a 10 cycle workout. The high intensity interval will be 1 minute, the low intensity interval 2 minutes. In total, we get a 30-minute workout. The energy consumption of such a half-hour lesson can be equated to an hourly cyclic, which will also be relevant for those who seek to lose weight or dry out.

Immediately it is worth dispelling the myth that your muscles will burn during endurance training. In fact, in order to build or destroy muscle structures, a number of conditions must be met. Two of them are the presence of strength training in the training process and the provision of a surplus diet, that is, with food you should consume more, or at least as many calories as you expend during the day, taking into account all physical activity. In most cases, a decrease in muscle mass occurs precisely due to non-compliance with these conditions. Therefore, if you consume enough calories, leave the same amount of strength training, while adding aerobic activity, the muscles will not go anywhere.

If you do not have the opportunity to allocate time for going to the fitness club, you can develop endurance simply by maintaining daily walking activity. I recommend walking at least 10-12 thousand steps a day. If during the day you do not have time to “walk” such an amount, do not forget about the possibility of an evening walk, which will also have a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep.

The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

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The coach answers: how to pump endurance?

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