Ask The Coach: How To Avoid Weight Gain On A Reverse Diet?

The coach answers: how to gain weight?

Meet our new heading #CoachResponds . Now every two weeks, the most competent instructors will answer all your fitness questions and reveal the secrets of a quality workout. Today, World Class elite coach Anton Kotov is sharing his knowledge with us.

Anton Kotov: Recently, less and less and less often you can meet people with such a request. Usually, from men who come to the gym, you can hear something like: "I would have made my arms embossed ... But I don't want to swing too much!" In the minds of ordinary people, gaining muscle mass is associated with big and scary bodybuilders, whose muscles are puffy, round and they look extremely unnatural. In fact, the first thing to understand is that building muscle is a very long and difficult process. And doing strength training in the gym, for example, for six months can give, at best, an increase in muscle mass by about 4-8 kg. And that's not a lot.

The coach answers: how to gain weight?


Still increasing muscle mass is extremely important if you want to make your body beautiful and fit. A muscle corset is a kind of skeleton for your body. The muscles create the shape of the figure. And if, for example, your shoulders are not naturally very broad, then developed muscles will help to correct and compensate for this. Therefore, if your goal is to increase the volume of any regions of your body, then training to increase muscle mass will help you achieve the desired result. But you have to work hard - tune in for long-term work!

How to train correctly?

The best workouts for gaining muscle mass are strength training on machines and with free weights. I recommend exercising 2-4 times a week. This is the optimal amount of workouts that will make visible progress. At the same time, in order to avoid overwork and the risk of injury, it is extremely important to proceed from your level of training.

If this is the first time you start training, you should start with general training on simulators - these are the training sessions in which you work out all muscle groups in one go. Working on simulators practically eliminates the wrong execution technique, since the trajectory of movement in them is clearly fixed, which increases the safety of training. At the same time, in order to get the skills to properly handle and configure the simulators, be sure to contact the trainer in your club.

The coach answers: how to gain weight?


How to adjust the load?

The load must be increased with each workout in order for you to progress and move towards the desired goal. However, it is important to remember that at the initial stage you need to gradually engage in the training process so that the body has time to adapt to the stress that you give it. Yes, training is dosageoval stress! And it is imperative to dose it correctly! This is one of the most common mistakes beginners make - when they come to the gym for the first time, they train very intensely and overload their muscles so that the next day they can hardly move certain parts of the body due to muscle pain. Remember that pain is not at all an indicator of progress, but only evidence that you have given a load that exceeds the usual for your body. It may sound strange, but progress can be made without the so-called muscle soreness at all - muscle pain. Load yourself up at the initial stage so that you rate the load at 5-7 out of 10 points on the scale of your own feelings. Increase it gradually, let the body recover and adapt to it.

If you are already a fairly experienced trainee, then you can use the so-called split programs - training options when on different days you work out different muscle groups. Also, in addition to simulators, it is important to include exercises with free weights - barbells and dumbbells in training. So you will force the muscles to be more involved in the work, and, as a result, the training effect will be stronger. As for the intensity of the load, here you can work in the range of 8-10 points on the same scale that we talked about above.

Cyclic training

It is also important to remember that for effective muscle gain mass, it is necessary to cycle the training process - that is, periodically change the focus and intensity of training. My practice shows that cycles of 4-6 weeks are optimal in terms of physiological and psychological aspects. What does this mean in practice? For example, if your one cycle is 5 weeks, then 4 weeks you train according to the strength training program according to your level of fitness. Then, within one week, you either completely change the focus of your training, do aerobic (cardio) training, stretching or any other type of activity, or continue training in the gym, but lowering the intensity to light loads. Every mesocycle I recommend changing the basic training program. This approach allows you to achieve results comfortably and effectively, avoiding the plateau effect in gaining muscle mass.

The coach answers: how to gain weight?


How quickly will I see the result?

It's worth mentioning right away that due to various factors, it will be easier for some people to gain muscle mass, while others will find it more difficult. But this does not mean at all that, for some reason, someone can immediately forget about building a beautiful body with well-developed muscles. Each of us needs a different amount of time to master skills, knowledge. The same goes for training. Some people just need to train harder to achieve what they want. Therefore, if you suddenly started to work on a set of muscle mass and you are unable to progress quickly, do not despair! ByThink of the bottom line as following a well-structured system that takes nutrition, exercise and recovery into account. Perhaps you are missing something somewhere, and consulting a competent coach will help you to move forward and save time.

Where to start? The trainer recommends

The only thing I recommend to absolutely everyone before starting a workout is to visit a doctor who will confirm your readiness for training. Also, if necessary, he will inform about restrictions on physical activity that can make training safe. While striving for perfect body shapes, one should not forget that health should always come first. '

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