Synthol Freak gets removal surgery

The case history of Kirill Tereshin: what happened to him?

Constant complaints of health problems and unbearable pain mixed with regular photos of biceps swollen to an unhealthy size, skin on which has long taken an unnatural color, what is it? The answer is simple - this is the page of Kirill Tereshin, better known as bazooka hands or synthol jock, on any social network.

Who is Kirill Teryoshin?

A guy from Pyatigorsk became famous last year due to the fact that he posted on VKontakte and Instagram the results of injections of homemade synthol in his hands. The biceps swelled to a volume of 60 centimeters, which led to wild popularity, as well as to the appearance of Kirill on the air of federal channels.

Synthol is an oil (fat) with added painkillers. The drug is injected deep into the muscle and spreads between the muscle fiber ligaments. With repeated injections, the volume of oil in the muscle grows, increasing its size, just like a balloon is stretched. About 30% of the drug is metabolized in the body. The remaining 70% of the substance remains in the muscles for more than 3-5 years and degrades very slowly. Many doctors claim that synthol stays in the muscles much longer - at least 8 years.

Regular visits to Andrey Malakhov and his programs Live on the Russia 1 TV channel have led to even greater fame, in one of the issues he admitted, that he wants to make money from his image, he already succeeds, and regular fake messages about amputation of bazookas and health problems help to maintain popularity.

Dangerous to life

Teryokhin began to complain about poor health last spring, in his appeals, he began to talk about fever, and also showed edema on hands, he spoke several times about the readiness for hospitalization if the situation does not improve. But you shouldn't believe the words about readiness for hospitalization, because during his appearances on federal channels, Kirill regularly promises to stop synthol injections, after which he posts new posts on social networks with even more increased biceps.

On one of the programs, he agreed to give up synthol if implants were placed in his muscles, but even after surgery, during with which they also increased his calves, Teryoshin began injecting the drug into his shoulders.
In the end, everything led to the fact that in May youtuber came to the program Living well, where he was once again told about the need to stop, otherwise the end could be disastrous , but this warning, like all previous threats of amputation, did not succeed.

The operation is impossible

A few months later, in August, Kirill again came on the air to Elenae Malysheva, where he asked for help. In his view, doctors could cut a muscle and squeeze synthol out of there, but it turned out to be impossible, the only thing that doctors could suggest was to pump out a small amount of a substance from the cavities in the muscles, but, as they said on the air of the program, in this way it is possible to pump no more than 100 ml, while Kirill himself has already injected himself with more than six liters of the substance.

Back to the old

On the air of the Live Healthy program, Teryoshin once again promised to stop injections, but already at the end of September he began to upload photos in which his muscles increased even more and turned red even more.

Despite repeated warnings, advice and health problems that have begun, Kirill does not plan to stop, as he does not want to give up making money at the expense of his image.

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