The businessman who lost weight from 130 kg because of David Beckham

The story of the British businessman Gwilym Pugh can be an excellent example for those who want to radically change their lives. In order to achieve success and decorate the covers of the world's top magazines, he had to lose weight from 130 kilograms to model weight and change jobs. We reveal all the cards for those who want the same.

The businessman who lost weight from 130 kg because of David Beckham

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The businessman who lost weight from 130 kg because of David Beckham

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Just 10 years ago, Gwilym ran an insurance company from his own bedroom, and working in this all too comfortable environment contributed to the constant set of extra pounds. As a teenager, the future businessman played basketball for the Wales team, but due to a knee injury he had to end his sports career.

In order to see himself in a different body, Gwilym started playing sports and completely eliminated fast food. But this was not enough. Sedentary work and insufficient daily activity made themselves felt. The type of activity also had to be changed.

About his new regime, the man says: Now I constantly monitor how many steps I take every day. On average, this is 15 thousand. And keep in mind that it took me 4-5 years to lose weight. Walking and being active were key factors here.

The businessman who lost weight from 130 kg because of David Beckham

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At the same time, Gwilym's barber persuaded him to grow a beard, which definitely added style and brutality to the hero's appearance.

When the Briton's face began to change for the better, he decided to join Instagram. And this step was another turning point in his new life.

I started using Instagram as a social network and helped to promote not only my group, but also myself, - explains Gwilym.

The man quickly became popular on the social network, and he was noticed by modeling agencies and the media. Soon he became the face for the covers of GQ and Hunger magazines and even managed to work with David Beckham in one of his projects.

Looking back, Gwilym admits that he is grateful to fate and his willpower for the fact that everything turned out exactly So. He also notes how important it was to himь the support of his Australian girlfriend Liz and the motivating example of Beckham, whom he had a chance to meet personally.

Now Gwilym is seriously interested in photography and plans to develop in this area as well. Subscribing to his instagram is worth it at least for that.

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