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The body of the XXI century: being thin is fashionable, but not always necessary

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - on what you need to be ready for on the way to six abs.

When fat is out of fashion

Fashion for thinness is a very recent phenomenon by the standards of human civilization. Until, conditionally, yesterday, among wealthy citizens, healthy obesity was valued, which was associated with the availability of resources. First of all, we are talking about a lot and tasty food.

But as soon as calories fell dramatically in price, the less financially successful segments of the population could afford to be overweight. Accordingly, in order to stand out from the crowd, today you need to be slim. And so that they probably would not be confused - to painful thinness. This is how the cult of the fight against extra pounds, the fashion for fitness and other PPs with low-fat foods and gluten free, appeared.

The body of the XXI century: being thin is fashionable, but not always necessary

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As a result, today many girls go on a diet almost as soon as they finish elementary school. The industry of slimming teas and themed online and offline magazines has billions of dollars in turnover. And even in the most modest grocery store near the house, you will certainly find a shelf with dietary goods.

Such an attack on the mass consciousness leads to the fact that the idea of ​​reducing body weight (often by some wild methods such as a cabbage diet) becomes obsessed even those who have no extra pounds. So, imagine, it happens - there is fat in the body, but it is by no means superfluous, but the most vital.

The Mayo Clinic conducted a 2011 study of heart attack survivors. So, the highest mortality rate (15%) for three years was noted among the worst. The best indicators (only 2%) were in those who had a high percentage of adipose tissue in the body (more than 34 and 25 for women and men, respectively), as well as sufficient muscle mass. Scientists have concluded that in conditions of severe illness, our body uses adipose tissue as an additional tool in the fight against the disease.

So, it turns out that losing weight is harmful? If we talk about health, then the current fitness standards are outright overkill. A net of veins under the skin, an extremely low percentage of subcutaneous fat - all this has nothing to do with healthy longevity. Plus, we must not forget that even though we are very similar, each is still unique. This also applies to the amount of fat that your body specifically considers normal. And strives to support it.

The body of the XXI century: being thin is fashionable, but not always necessary


Use Common Sense

When people turn to me for advice on how to lose weight, I always ask: why? After all, losing weight is, frankly, not the most exciting addiction.movement in life. Ranevskaya also aptly noted that on diets, faces become smaller, but sadder. Therefore, getting involved in this story, you need to have a very strong motivation. Otherwise, it will be worse, and you will add to the sad statistics. Statistically, 9 out of 10 slimmers gain pounds back, most often with excess.

This phenomenon was named after a toy that always returns to the hand - the yo-yo effect . And such a swing has an even more destructive effect on the body than just maintaining body weight, albeit excessive.

So, not losing weight at all?

If you are absolutely not sure, that living in the same body is no longer an option for you, it is better not to get involved. With one, but very important, caveat. Take a regular length meter and measure your waist. For men, the upper limit is 94 cm, for women - 80. If you keep within the standards, then there is no reason for concern. Feel free to unsubscribe from all blogs about weight loss and the fight for relief.

The body of the XXI century: being thin is fashionable, but not always necessary


If the numbers turned out to be larger, then the likelihood of visceral obesity is high, leading in the long term to the development of, for example, type 2 diabetes and other equally unpleasant consequences. And in this case, it makes sense to do not so much beauty and forms, but in the truest sense of the word with your health: cleanse your diet, increase physical activity. And you do not need to throw yourself at all bad, following advice from social communities. Use common sense. You knew even before the invention of Instagram that fried pork ribs with fries are delicious, but not very healthy, to put it mildly. And that there are foods such as cottage cheese, rice, white meat and fish, vegetables and fruits. A smartphone, which probably has a built-in pedometer application, will help you understand whether your lifestyle is quite mobile. Look at the numbers: the target to be reached as soon as possible is 10,000-12k steps EVERY day. It is very good if you manage to find your own sport, which will not be perceived as everyday hard labor, but on the contrary, every activity will bring joy.

And if you need it like on Instagram?

But what to do when six cubes are not enough for life harmony? Well, here you voluntarily doom yourself to a very difficult path. Since the drawn press is still only a dream for you, it is obvious that the body is not disposed to maintain such a low percentage of body fat. Yes, there are those naturally skinny lucky ones who maintain enviable condition without apparent effort. But they are still a minority.

For us, not so genetically gifted, such an appearance, of course, is also quite achievable. It is enough to choose an adequate diet, loads (here it is unlikely to do without strength training and cardio) and stock up on huge motivation. Believe me, more than once, not two or three thoughts will visit you: Why do I need this? I can't do anything.Why am I making fun of myself.

And the most unpleasant thing is that even having obtained the cherished dream figure, you will not be able to relax and enjoy life, forgetting about the tough regime and closing your membership in a fitness club. In a very short time, your body will gain the amount of fat that it is used to. This is the so-called set-point.

There is evidence that systematic overeating leads to the fact that it is shifted towards more fat, which it seeks to maintain. But in the opposite direction, the correction is very, very slow. It takes years, not months, to make your body believe that low fat is the norm that is comfortable for it.

Therefore, even with a proven drying method (no secrets and miracles - just eat less and move more, but it's reasonable), I'm in no hurry to offer it to people. In reality, such fitness bodies are more about Instagram than real life. But if you really want to, then anything is possible. There would be a desire.

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