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The body is like a star. Training Beyoncé's buttocks and Nina Dobrev's waist

Not all celebrities like to reveal the secrets of their figure. However, seasoned fitness bloggers and trainers actively select and combine exercises so that you can get in shape as well as celebrities. We have collected short and effective video workouts for different muscle groups from your favorite actresses, singers and models.

Jennifer Aniston Press

Star of the TV series Friends and style icon Jennifer Aniston carefully monitors the figure ... She has repeatedly said in interviews that she tries to eat right and balanced, and also devotes at least an hour a day to exercise. The actress devotes three days a week to cardio, the rest to Pilates and yoga. Even young models can envy the press of the star. Fitness instructor Rebecca Louise shows a 10-minute yoga workout that will help you not only achieve a toned belly like an actress, but also find harmony with yourself.

The body is like a star. Training Beyoncé's buttocks and Nina Dobrev's waist

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Cameron Diaz's hands

The actress demonstrates excellent athletic form throughout her career. Cameron can rightfully be considered one of the most athletic stars in Hollywood. Diaz's personal trainer Teddy Bass shares her secrets of slimness. He notes that his ward's workouts are varied: she combines running, strength training and Pilates elements. The embossed hands of the actress are of particular admiration among fans. Fortunately, Bass does not hide the most effective exercises and himself shows the technique of their implementation in video workouts. We have chosen a set on the arms, for which you will need dumbbells weighing 1-1.5 kg.

The body is like a star. Training Beyoncé's buttocks and Nina Dobrev's waist

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Beyoncé's buttocks

Beyonce's body is much talked about and argued about trying to uncover the secrets of her attractiveness. A mother of three children, a singer, an actress and a real pop icon, she has gorgeous shapes. She does not hide the fact that she trains intensively, spends hours at dance rehearsals and chooses healthy foods. She also highlights running as one of the most effective ways to get in shape. But in addition to exercising on a treadmill, the star separately pumps all parts of the body and pays special attention to the gluteal muscles. Beyoncé's round and toned buttocks can be achieved with an 8-minute fit workout.non-instructor Kelsi Lee. To increase the intensity of the exercises, repeat the set twice or put weight on your legs.

The body is like a star. Training Beyoncé's buttocks and Nina Dobrev's waist

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Kaia Gerber's legs

The daughter of Cindy Crawford, who turned 18 last year, inherited from her mother not only external data, but also a love of a healthy image life. The model regularly works out in the gym and loves strength training. The owner of long legs prefers bodyweight exercises so as not to build up unwanted muscle mass. Fitness blogger and model Sunny Vander shares a short workout without extra equipment for skinny and dry legs like a catwalk.

The body is like a star. Training Beyoncé's buttocks and Nina Dobrev's waist

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Nina Dobrev's body

The Vampire Diaries star is a big fan of sports ... As a child, she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, so she knows how to discipline herself and motivate herself to train. Now the actress is fond of boxing, necessarily includes running, various types of cardio and yoga in her routine. The star honestly says that a chiseled figure requires constant physical activity and careful attention to nutrition. A short, intense cardio workout from fitness blogger Daniel Pizer will help you accelerate your heart rate, lose weight and achieve the same graceful figure that fans of Nina Dobrev admire.

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