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The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

The main advantage of a workout is its availability. Anyone can do workout, you just need to find a good training ground. There is a horizontal bar and parallel bars in any yard, but if you want more, you can go to a special area. In addition to comfortable shells, you can find like-minded people there. Workout coach Manvel Mamoyan has chosen 7 best workout sites in Moscow for you.

The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

Not for weaklings: the most beautiful girls on the horizontal bars

Workout is not only a man's occupation. And here's the best proof for you.

Workout area in Tsaritsyno

A new bright area for workout in the historical reserve Tsaritsyno. A very harmonious design that differs from all workout sites in Moscow. Equipped with everything you need for training.

The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

The most difficult push-ups: only a few do them in the world

New world records from workouters from Russia. Did you think you can do push-ups?

Workout area in Neskuchny Garden

Gorky Park is a favorite place for Muscovites to walk. And there you can practice. On the site in Neskuchny Garden there are 16 exercise machines, wall bars, horizontal bars and parallel bars. It is always crowded, there is also a CrossFit area.

Workout area in Luzhniki

One of the most popular workout areas in Moscow. On weekends, there are always many street workout lovers of all levels. Even major championships are held here, up to the world championship. The platform can accommodate more than 200 practitioners at the same time, and a special covering helps to ensure safety when jumping or falling from shells.

The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

How to learn to push up 100 times in a row in 5 weeks. Program from the trainer

We will tell you how to start push-ups more than 100 times in just a month. Nothing complicated!

Workout site on Poklonnaya Hill

A good site with everything you need. There is also a CrossFit area. Located in Victory Park between Partizan Alley and Soldier Alley.

Workout area in Kuzminki Park

A favorite place for workout athletes. Various festivals and workout battles are often held here. Located by the skate park from the side of Marshal Chuikov street.

Workout area in Krasnaya Presnya park

Modern workout area, generously equipped with shells, as well as artificial turf for safety.

Workout site on Presnensky Val

Very popular site in the workout movement. Workout Games and various workout competitions are often held here. The site has everything you need, even two obstacle courses. You can find it at 1/2 Presnensky Val Street (next to the Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station).

The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

How to learn to pull up painshe. Coach Tips

Increasing the number of pull-ups is easy. The main thing is to avoid common mistakes.

The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

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The heavyweight bragged about the abs and told how he achieved the result.

The best workout areas in Moscow. Athlete's choice

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