9 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

The best is the enemy of the good: why is junk food not so bad?

When you start to stick to proper nutrition, sometimes even a small deviation from the plan can provoke a breakdown. In pursuit of cherished parameters, we carefully count calories, deny ourselves sweets and look for healthy alternatives. But as it turned out, not everything is correct, which is considered as such. UK PP blogger Lucy Mountain on her Instagram debunked myths about popular healthy snacks - some of them are higher in calories than sweets.

The best is the enemy of the good: why is junk food not so bad?

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Some of them can't be compared with cakes in sugar content.

Dairy Vs. bitter

One of the favorite life hacks of adherents of a healthy lifestyle is replacing milk chocolate with bitter. And he turned out to be a myth. The former has significantly fewer calories than its healthy alternative.

However, dark chocolate is actually considered to be healthier. Although it is higher in calories, it contains less sugar, more fiber and iron. It's also more nutritious.

However, if you prefer the milky taste, forcing yourself to eat dark chocolate to lose weight is pointless. As Lucy points out, in terms of calories, it will prove to be even more beneficial.

The best is the enemy of the good: why is junk food not so bad?

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Cornflakes Vs. granola

Granola is considered a healthy breakfast option. In fact, it contains no less sugar than simple cornflakes, and there are fifty more calories. Of course, these two products differ in composition, nutritional value and taste.

However, Mountain recommends, first of all, to listen to yourself and choose what suits you. The blogger believes that food should not automatically be counted in calories by you, it also needs to be able to enjoy it.

The best is the enemy of the good: why is junk food not so bad?

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Regular Chips Vs. vegetable

Vegetable chips have become the most popular snack for those who monitor their diet and strives for a beautiful figure. For many, however, plain potato chips are the tastier option. And, as it turned out, less high-calorie.

The difference in energy value is not so great, but once again confirms that often healthy food is exaggerated. Lucy believes that proper nutrition is rather a subjective concept, and for everyone it is different.... Therefore, if you really wanted to eat a packet of chips, do not beat yourself up - you have not deviated too much from the plan.

Pasta Vs. nut mixes

Next time you suddenly feel like having a snack, don't rush to shelves nut mixes. A small serving of pasta (~ 65 g) has the same calories as one handful of almonds (~ 40 g). The difference in this case is in the ratio of fats and carbohydrates. The former are more in nuts, while the latter are in pasta.

When losing weight, do not abuse either one or the other. Pay attention to your overall diet. If you have already eaten your portion of fat today, you can opt for spaghetti. If you go too far with carbohydrates, have a snack on almonds.

The best is the enemy of the good: why is junk food not so bad?

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Custard Vs. Cashews

Nuts are high in protein and are considered by many to be a great post workout snack. However, in addition to protein, they also contain fats, which increases the calorie content. To get 20 grams of protein, you have to eat about 100 grams of cashews, says Mountain. And this is as much as 3000 kcal. For those looking to gain muscle mass, such a diet may be appropriate. But if you're trying to lose weight, you probably won't want to eat exclusively nuts.

For comparison, a can of custard contains the same amount of protein as 40 g cashews - about 12 g. For some reason, no one don't spoon it right after training.

The best is the enemy of the good: why is junk food not so bad?

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Fast food isn't as bad as people say. Of course, you should not abuse it, but this can be said for any food, even the healthiest one. If your soul asks for a burger, don't be afraid to disrupt your diet - nothing bad will definitely happen from one sandwich.

You shouldn't dwell only on energy value and strictly fix how much and what you ate. Proper nutrition is not so much about a calorie deficit as about the ability to listen to your body, because there is no universal healthy and suitable diet for everyone. If you have enough vegetable chips and granola today, great. But if tomorrow you want cornflakes and milk chocolate - do not deny yourself the pleasure.

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