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The actions of the athletes who moved us

How often do we hear that professional athletes are millionaires who only think of themselves? Why don't they care about everyone, including their fans, although they are ready to support them anywhere in the world? Feelings like this are not uncommon in today's world. But at such moments it is important to remember that athletes are the same people, and nothing human is alien to them. We have collected the actions of sports stars that will return your faith in people.

Novak Djokovic is the best friend of bolboys

In May this year, another tennis player, Novak Djokovic , got into a similar story. During the ATP World Series match in Rome, he unsuccessfully parried an opponent's blow. The ball flew out of court and hit the ball in the head. Before continuing the game, the Serb approached the young man, apologized and asked about his health.

The fans also remember another incident: in 2014, the first round match of Roland Garros was interrupted due to rain. From behind, he approached the Serb with a bolboy and raised an umbrella over him, noticing the guy, the athlete invited him to sit down next to him and took the umbrella in his hand. Throughout the break, they chatted freely, drank water, and then returned to their duties. The audience greeted everything that happened with applause.

Jack Sock and a lucky towel

In the summer of 2017, after winning the first round of Wimbildon, Jack Sock handed out souvenirs to fans. The people sitting in the stands received rackets and balls as a keepsake. One boy was assigned a towel, but it was taken away by a man standing next to him. Later, the tennis player learned about the incident from social networks. On his Twitter, he asked to help him find a guy to give him another one. Also, towels were promised by the official accounts of the US Open, Australian Open and Roland Garros. The story has a happy ending - the boy wrote to the athlete himself and was not left without a gift.

Neymar and the son of the regiment

It's hard to believe now, but there were times when not all news related to Neymar were concerned about his going somewhere. For example, in the spring of 2014, a video circulated around the world in which a boy ran out onto the field during a friendly match between Brazil and South Africa. He was caught by the stewards, but Neymar, who distinguished himself three times in that meeting, approached himself and took the young fan in his arms. The striker took a photo with him, then the rest of the team joined them and they celebrated the victory together.

Charlie Coyle and childhood happiness

Hockey is a very fast sport where players must not lose concentration nor for a minute. But despite this, athletes find time for their fans. For example, striker Charlie Coyle during thesinging for Minnesota just waved to the boy who was tapping on the protective glass. The child's reaction is impossible to describe in words, it must be seen with your own eyes.

David Beckham - Back to School

The appearance of athletes in school is hardly surprising, but, as a rule, such events planned in advance. Teachers and school administrators know when the athlete will appear and what will be included in the day's program. But not so long ago, David Beckham suddenly appeared in the classroom of one of the London schools. Nobody knew about the upcoming visit of the ex-football player of the national team, so it appeared right in the middle of the lesson. Naturally, there could be no question of any continuation of studies. At the same time, no one had the feeling that the teachers were against it. As it turned out, Beckham is the ambassador of the organization promoting British designers in the world, and his appearance is associated with this project. The main purpose of the visit was to announce the launch of a new educational program for children interested in fashion.

Iker Casillas' cheerleading team

Athletes may pay attention to their fans in different ways, but it is equally important that the fans are willing to show their support in return. A striking example is the recent history of the ex-goalkeeper of the Spanish national team - Iker Casillas. The goalkeeper suffered a heart attack in training, he was taken to the hospital and had a successful operation. A few days later, when nothing threatened his life, fans and teammates held a rally in support of the Spaniard. Banners with wishes of a speedy recovery appeared on the pitch and stands.

Fans and Porto players held a campaign in support of Casillas

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