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The 5 most anticipated movie releases next year

We are already tired of waiting for the coming year. And why? Yes, because it promises to be full of the most interesting sports, combat and motivating premieres in cinemas. In anticipation, we have compiled the most anticipated releases of 2019.

The 5 most anticipated movie releases next year

Don't give up: the strong story of Paralympian Alexei Moshkin

The real story of a Russian skier who overcame everything on the way to his dream.

The 5 most anticipated movie releases next year

“Moving up”: 3 seconds that shook the world

A film about the legendary basketball game at the Munich Olympics is being released.

Running is about the most accessible sport

Director: Andrei Zagidullin
Genre: Thriller

The main character Sergei Borozdin, world champion in athletics, having got into a car accident, acquires a unique superpower - on speed he sees events from the past. At this time, a cruel maniac is wielding the city, attacking women. Sergei decides that he will not just leave this business. Starring tandem of Polina Maximova and Evgeny Romantsov.

T-34 - about a great feat and love

Director: Alexey Sidorov
Genre: Action

The very beginning of the war. 1941 year. Ivushkin, who has just graduated from a military school, immediately finds himself in an unequal battle. He will have to fight the German tank ace Jager, who knows no defeat. Judging by the trailer, there will be a lot of action and large-scale battles.

Alita - about the technological future and biohacking

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Genre: fantasy, action

The film takes place in the distant future, 300 years after the Great War, in the XXVI century. Dr. Ido breathes new life into the remains of a cyborg girl whose memory has been lost. But, it seems, only partially, as the girl with huge eyes discovers that she remembers all the fighting techniques that she knew earlier. A series of battles and searches for lost memories and games began in the main sport of this time - motorball. Of course, it was not without a love line. It's worth watching, if only for the impressive computer graphics with which Alita was created. She looks as if she is alive and is in no way inferior to real actors.

The 5 most anticipated movie releases next year

KLike at the Rock: inspiring stories of cyborg people

6 heroic stories of people with prosthetic limbs.

1 + 1. Hollywood Story - Overcoming Obstacles

Director: Neil Burger
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Remake of the beloved French stories about true friendship. As in the first version, the plot of the picture tells about a billionaire (Brian Cranston), confined to a wheelchair, and his assistant (Kevin Hart), just released from prison, who manages to bring the spirit of adventure into the measured life of the snob.

The 5 most anticipated movie releases next year

The loudest sports weddings of 2017

The main newlyweds of the outgoing year.

The Avengers: the final - about team spirit

Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, action

The second and final part of the story about the opposition of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel superheroes to the almighty Thanos. How the previous movie ended, we think, hardly anyone has forgotten, so waiting for the continuation becomes even more intriguing.


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