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#TetrisChallenge. Athletes have picked up a new Instagram trend

The #TetrisChallenge flash mob is actively gaining popularity in Russian social networks. Its essence is to show the wrong side of your profession. To do this, you will need to lay out the inventory and uniforms as elements of the Tetris game, lie down next to and take a picture of all this from above.

The traffic police from Zurich launched the challenge. They showed what was inside the patrol car, laying the equipment on the asphalt and taking a picture with a drone.

The challenge immediately went viral: first intelligence services from different countries of the world joined it, and then representatives of other professions began to lay out items that are used in work, and publish photos on the web. If you now follow the hashtag #tetrischallenge on Instagram, you can see more than 10 thousand such pictures.

The athletes did not stand aside and also took an active part in the fashionable challenge.

St. Petersburg SKA liked the #TetrisChallenge idea so much that they shot 3 versions (scroll to the right).

Basketball club Zenit has presented equipment for the new season with the help of a challenge.

Three-time Olympic swimming champion Katinka Hossu showed off her training kit.

Girls from the Russian hockey team decided not to freeze on the ice and took off the challenge in the locker room. Note that this did not make it less interesting.

From foreign representatives, beautiful performance distinguished itself by the Hong Kong ballet.

The Dynamo SPb hockey club became the record holder, which involved more than 100 items.

The challenge was so cool that many doubted it was not is it photoshop? But the club dispelled all doubts with a short video.

But the Rostov-Don handball club signed Here's your shot: Getting ready for our first Champions League match this season at full capacity.

The hockey clubs Avtomobilist and Traktor took vivid photos.

The NFC football club from Minsk took advantage of the warm weather and filmed a flash mob on the pitch.

Soul Sisters, a popular support group in Russia, showed the contents of their bags using TetrisChallenge.

Sports fans did not stand aside and made their own challenge options. It turned out no worse.

Even these views have joined sports like surfing.

Whose performance of the challenge did you like best?

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